[Accepted] Faking nD And Abusing Fake nD menu.

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[Accepted] Faking nD And Abusing Fake nD menu.

Post by Aurelius »

Name: Mathias the Freekiller.
Steam ID: "Mathias the Freekiller" 663 STEAM_0:0:25462235

And this

Facts Noticed: Pretending hes member, abusing nD menu bug to slay etc.
kami (GER]
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Re: Faking nD And Abusing Fake nD menu.

Post by kami (GER] »

where is the proof that he pretends to be member?

only a screenshot of one small incident like slaying (what can easily happen without knowing that he had powers) will not lead to a strike.
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Re: Faking nD And Abusing Fake nD menu.

Post by Ancient »


STEAM_0:0:25468235 - Mathias the Freekiller. - Strike 3 (2 +current strike)

- Abusing the nDmenu

Thanks for the report.

Note : You wrote the wrong steam ID Aurelius.

EDIT : The pic for the namefacking is really old Aurelius so I don't accept that. However using the nDmenu when your not a member is still forbidden and will result in a ban.

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