[Solved] unban request

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unban request

Post by justusX3 »

im sanji i request unban from nD Servers im asking you this beacuse im STUCK IN house and i dont have where to play i know there is most people (95%) hate me on neondragon but please idon't have where to play im bored im starting having problems for that ban im talking serious im getting mad because i got banned like an idiot i say sorry to you guys i pls hope you accept my scuses and pls let me play in let me in with you pls i will control my angry every time guys pls . when i get mad its for joke itsnot seriouius i joke with you guys when i get mad its my personality im joke with people i never wanna hurt some body if like i insult his mum i swear its only joke please try to understand me i didnt do nothing to you guys i just wanna play normally and waste my time here that's all nothing else pls try to understand me.. thank you for reading this i hope you understand me.
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Re: unban request

Post by Moee »

Hard to be unbanned sanji but you got my respect because you always appologise,You know lately you abused,crashed,ddosed a lot and people still remember that you made it hard for them to play and you were harrasing the admins Well other than that good luck man :/ .ik all ur secrect family problems but bro listen people won't care about that and they'll judge you from what they saw (ingame). Godbless you
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Re: unban request

Post by zapt0r »

I have banned you over 50 times, let’s see if we can reach 100.
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Re: unban request

Post by Patrick »

zapt0r wrote:I have banned you over 50 times, let’s see if we can reach 100.
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