New feature: buy ndcash!

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Re: New feature: buy ndcash!

Post by Lawliet »

Thierry Henry#CR7 wrote: welcome back patrick, it's like you never left the team though because I'd most likely contact you in first place if I needed help from an admin
Pretty much, glad to see you back, Patrick.
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Re: New feature: buy ndcash!

Post by Freddy »

One of the most hardworking admins, that one guy you'd always ask if you need help knowing he will respond asap. Glad to have him back.
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Re: New feature: buy ndcash!

Post by Jmmys` »

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Re: New feature: buy ndcash!

Post by Aash »

I was really looking forward to buy nD cash cause I'm down on 0nD. You really upset me, uhu. Hope sporting wins every game against benfica.
Also, welcome back frog... Back with your annoying mutes
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Re: New feature: buy ndcash!

Post by pl0t »

What a good news !

Welcome Back Fatrick !
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Re: New feature: buy ndcash!

Post by VanBuren »

Welcome back patrick ^^
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