Have a NICE Day (Part One)

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Have a NICE Day (Part One)

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Lounge discussion: funny stuff.
So, I get the feeling I have been viewed as someone a bit too serious. I want you to know that I can take you guys seriously, but I can be fun to be around. So, to renounce my good side (The side I never see, since it’s in my back…can’t scratch that spot either…*stretching* *making noises* *pulls a shoulder* *falls over.*) but seriously, I want to show you guys that I still got it. So, I will be talking and showing you guys some of the stuff I talk about… Sonia will also contribute, she wanted to so bad. The pink is her, the gold is mine (Obviously… gotta git dat gold!)
Gold stuff:
(in the car) Me: Sonia?
Sonia: Yes?
Me: Can I drive?
Sonia: No?
Sonia: Gold, why are you digging in the couch?
Me: I found a loonie. There’s more gold under this hill!
Sonia: Cute. Very cute. Don’t forget to clean the rest of the couch while you’re at it, too.
Me: Aww, but mmmmoooommmm! I don’t wanna go to school! I wanna stay home and make cookies with you!
Sonia: You stay away from my mom’s toaster.
Me: What’s the worst that could happen?
Sonia: I don’t know, since you will find something worse than what I say, and then do something worse than what you said, and then the reaction will be worse than that, and….
Me: I get the point. No pretending the toaster is a bungie buddy.
Sonia: Ex-squeeze me?
Me: Nothing…
I always could never cheer up my yoyo. I always let it down… and it never came back to me… just like my boomerang. I threw it far, and a few days later I find it in a tree. I couldn’t take it from its family. So, I left it there for that reason. Not because it hurt to see it happier with woody friends than me, and not because it was too high up, and not because of the bee hive by it. No, way. I am brave in the face of bees. Nothing scares me. Now excuse me while I run for my life, there is a bee coming within forty meters of me *running screaming in a high pitch voice*
(from my steam profiles):
when ever you feel down, like me right now, take a sip of coffee, have a donut, and have the evidence of your day in front of you so you can look back and reflect. i have to gernades here, so i know i bombed someone. i have a shiny gun, so i knew i had fun in america, since its legal. i have a donut, which means i can eat. i have coffee, so now i can drink...this is all you need. then, you need to lift up the coffee and sip, like so...<splash>....and remember to take off your helmet, not just your armoured pants....ow. and that donut is really getting to me. i should take a bite.......and now its on my face. i have a giant donut on my face, and hot liquid on my lap, and i want my coffe and donut...oh well, every day has something bad happen, right?...<tries to take a sip of coffee>...<spalsh>...OWOWOWOWHOTHOT HOTTTT!!!!!!<drops mug> oh come on! <hits plate off table by accident>.....can this day get any worse? <tummy gurgles>.....darn
i cut myself shaving this morning while trying to glue the mirror back on in the bathroom. i put my hand to my face to stop the bleeding, and realized just exactly "quick dry" ment. not only that, but im also holding down my helmet, and my coffees getting cold. that donut is laughing at me, i can tell. i walked three miles to get this coffee, and everyone who questioned why my hand was on my face i elbowed in the face. i guess it's time to clean up all that glue i spilled in the house, it should be dry now...oh. well, guess the coffee mug was right. it would have me "glued to my seat." im throwing away this mug...once again, the label was right. "never let go of it, stuck to your mug like glue." i think my elbow is stuck to the table too. and my arm. wondered why the table was so shiny.HEELLPP!!
I mean well, and have good intentions when I do things. It’s just that sometimes, things get out of hand. Take this for example: (try to relate.) I decided to get the bus driver a coffee (small, I don’t have much coinage with me) to thank him for his hard work. Three minutes later he is pulled over by a cop (this is a bus driver, after all,) and gets a ticket for distracted driving. I tell the cop it was me, and the cop gives me a ticket and tells me to hand him my driver’s license and car info for registration. When I don’t right away, he seems suspicious, and I tell him I don’t have a car, or a license. That’s why I am on the bus. So he looks at me, looks at the ticket, and looks at the bus driver, then looks back at me, and seems to recognize me (I didn’t though). He asked if I was the kid who tried to take an old ladies purse in the middle of the street (I WAS HELPING HER WALK, AND SHE TOLD THE OFFICER THAT TOO!). I tell him the truth about that little misunderstanding again, and he confirms it’s me. He tells me I shouldn’t make this a regular thing. When I ask what he means, he tells me I shouldn’t try to take old ladies’ purses and delay bus drivers to get a cops attention (the ego on this guy could make a waffle with another “g”). He leaves, and the bus was 30 minutes late because of it. So much for giving back a bit.
Unless it is as an extra, never give a gift card as a gift, because really it says, “here, you do it. I can’t.”

(Talking to Sonia while staring at the stars)
Me: Hey, Sonia…
Sonia: Yes, Gold?
Me: if I actually were to go to space, where should I go first?
Sonia: I recommend going crazy. It is a very popular stop on the way to anywhere.
Me: Aww, I hate repeat trips… can’t I go a little bit crazy, not all the way there, and come back?
Sonia: Depends on the kind of crazy.
Me: Stellar Crazy.
Sonia: Does not compute. Further explain please.
Me: Balloons on a chair. A flying chair!
Sonia: Stay grounded.
Me: But I’m not grounded…
Sonia: Earth to Gold, we need you to come back down now.
Me: I have gone past the point of no return….
Sonia: What if I asked nicely?
Me: Okay.
Sonia: Gold, how do you like my new hair color?
Gold: Uh, it looks good.
Sonia: That’s all?
Gold: You don’t have to change anything, Sonia. You are fine just the way you are.
Sonia: Is that your way of saying, “change it back?”
Gold: No, I mean, you are great! No need to change now!
Sonia: So I had to change before?
(Gold is obviously struggling) Gold: No, I … SONIA! CUT IT OUT!
Sonia: Heh. Gold, did I ever tell you how much fun it is to mess with you?
Gold: Yeah, pretty much every day, whenever you do it. But it is funny, so don’t ever change.
Sonia: Okay. You don’t change, I don’t change, and we stay the same, and get bored, and don’t evolve.
Gold: Okay, let’s take a swing at this: We change when we need to, but not because we want to, because we should never want to change ourselves. If you want to change, then know that there is someone who doesn’t want you to change. Know who you are before you try to know what you can become.
Sonia: Hey, Neon light. Your shining again. You’re burning my retinas.
Gold: When you call me, “Neon,” I always think of “nD” now.
Sonia: How about light stick? Or bright boy? Glow-den rod? How about Neo?
Gold: Uh…
Sonia: I can call you “Goldie” as well.
Gold: that name’s going to stay, isn’t it?
Sonia: As long as this little joke we have is still going, “Geo.”
Gold: Hoo, Boy… Sonia, these nick names… why?
Sonia: It’s important to be able to know someone so well that you can give them a name that makes them more familiar, allowing you to get to know them better. It is just something that means we are closer together.
Gold: Couldn’t agree more… but I meant more on the lines of, “why the light stick” names? And the bright ones?
Sonia: Because, Goldie. You shine out from the others.
Gold: (Confused, even though I always tell him the reason he is called things to do with light.) Wow, Sonia. I am just completely normal. The reason I look so bright is because I am reflective, and I shine from the light reflecting off of me, coming from the people closest to me.
Sonia: Don’t ever change, Gold… we would lose something we could all learn to love.
Gold: Hey, wait a sec… didn’t I just say that?
Sonia: (I couldn’t help but giggle, and give away the fact I just copied him.) *Giggle* well, what can I say? You are easily the most honest, generous, and nicest person I know. Who wouldn’t like to be like you?
Gold: Me. For a very good reason… I am already me. Why try to be who I am when I could be so much more?
Sonia: Know your limitations, Gold, or you will only beat yourself.
Gold: Hey, that wasn’t too bad. That was pretty stellar. Can I write that down?
Sonia: You’re missing the point.
(Gold writing it down) Gold: Nice one! I’ll be sure to give you credit if I use it.
Sonia: How did we get here again?
Gold: You were asking how I liked your new hair color.
Sonia: Oh, that’s right! By the way, how do you like it?
Gold: (Obviously realized that he just brought himself back to this conversation, allowing me to mess with him >:D) Uhhhhhh….. I think I left the tap running.
Sonia: The tap could use a run; it was a little out of shape anyway. Besides is there anywhere you would rather be, than here with me?
Gold: Yes, actually. I want to be with you everywhere. But this will do for a start.
Sonia: Start as you mean to end.
Gold: Stellar. (Begins to write that down)
Sonia: Where are you writing this down?
Gold: In that notebook you got me a few years back, but I said I opened, but never actually used.
Sonia: oh, that’s nice… (this is when I realize exactly what he said.) HEY!
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Re: Have a NICE Day (Part One)

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Gold smh wat u do
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Re: Have a NICE Day (Part One)

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