Daily achievements?

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CENTENNIAL CHALLENGES???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Post by KaitoKid »

Nai wrote:If we are to talk about what actually happens in the server.
I would say at least 3/4 rounds are unsuccessful because of rebelling.

Giving more opportunities for rebellers to rebel would only cause more failed rounds.

There's a lot of complaining about commanders now, everyone is like "oh the commanders for several years ago were so good and today they're just shit". Well, observing this on the server for a while I can pretty confidently conclude that's it's simply because they are not given the chance to make fun games or learn how to play.
Every round they're desperately trying to make just 1 round work and they get shot in the face by deagles or other guns, they get killed by DD and generally just players rebelling.

It takes a while to learn how to play this game, but the very playerbase who complain about commanders, doesn't let them learn how to do it or how to be a CT.
Every freekill everyone yells "switch!!!!" every failed command everyone yell the same thing, every tinie tiny little meaningless mistake everyone yells the same thing.

I understand why the ones trying to command get discouraged from commanding and why the CT's fail so much. No one is letting them learn, no one is letting them get a chance to correct their mistakes before everyone wants them banned.

More rebelling = less fun rounds
Less rebelling = more fun rounds

There are exceptions, but this is pretty accurate, this is what I've observed and when you all think back, all of you, for a few years ago, all the old players here.
When was the most fun times on JB? 2008? 2009? 2010?
How about around 2010-2012?
Let's remind yourselves what was going on around 2008-2010, well, no jbshop. Less rebelling, more opportunities for CT's to learn how to command and be CT and then make more fun rounds.
What happened between 2010-2012?
Well, jbshop was added and you know what? That was fine, because all of the great commanders who played before that, were still playing on the server having learned so much and could then carry that on to after jbshop was added.
But now they've basically all left with only a few great ones still here and when they command, it's fun and some of the best times in JB.
But they learned these skills at a time where rebelling didn't happen on this scale and today's commanders just don't get the opportunity to pick these skills up.

I'm not saying to remove the jbshop, but if any alterations should be made to earning cash or the jbshop, it's definitely not boosts, it's nerfs.
I remember members had quite an emphasis on being role models for CTs for a few months a long while ago then completely gave up. You're talking about us not giving a chance to new commanders but there's no active, exceptional commanders for them to look up to. Even the members just straight up start simon and try tricking people, obviously newer commanders are gonna copy this behaviour and get shit on by the server. If the member team wants people to stop rebelling, go CT and command in a way that makes us want to not rebel and be a role model instead of blaming it on jbshop lol

Also being a lot more active than you currently, I can say that 3/4 rounds are not unsuccessful. A big part of the whole 'ahhh they rebel all the time can't command!!!' is because the CTs are terrible at the game, not only commanding. Whenever I'm CT we end up winning most rounds because I can make up for these people's lack of awareness. There's quite a few other players who can make sure they carry the CT team so ye the only time we ever get close to 3/4 rounds failing is when you've got a team full of nonsteamers with parkinsons that can't help themselves (or colorfull)
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Re: Daily achievements?

Post by KaKao »

Writing from my phone so pardon any spelling mistakes.

I get the feeling that terrorists simply dont want to play any games at all and just rebel. Why bother going through long days for last request when you can rebel every other round and get the same amount of cash. Im a terrible commander but I try to lead the Ts to a game that has yet to be played on my map, it always end in one out of two ways when i try to lead them to these games. They rebel, we die or they rebel and we're left with too few so we cannot do these games.
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Re: Daily achievements?

Post by Cruxell »

CTs, and CTs entirely are responsible for controlling terrorists. If they've got a sucky team with a bunch of them playing around and an indecisive and insecure commander they can't survive a single round. But if the CTs are paying attention and the commander is good (or if he does Simon says 24/7) they will survive most rounds, with rare exceptions. When I play, terrorists are either always rebelling or only individuals are rebelling and they're doing that very rarely. When terrorists see that the CT team is bad, they won't hesitate and they will take the chance. But if they see that they will likely die if they rebel, they most likely won't.
You can't blame jbshop for rebelling.
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Re: Daily achievements?

Post by Gotouda Aki »

I would like to point out I'm not hating on the jbshop and not saying it's the sole reason rounds are going badly.
This topic was for increased cash earnings and I tried to argument for why there shouldn't be increased cash earnings.

More cash > more jbshop purchases > more rebelling.

That was basically my argument.
Nor am I saying that there should be less rebelling and so on, since that wasn't the reason for this topic, this topic was for increased cash earnings and my arguments are based on that and also to KaitoKid's comment on commanders.
I was trying to respond to why increased cash shouldn't be added and why the commanding is so bad.

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