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MADLIFE Application

Post by MADLIFE! »

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:158006408

- In-Game Name: MADLIFE

- Experience Level : Have been a member before in the jail team and have dealt with a full server and reported using the strike list, I have a keen eye when it come to cheaters, VIP and rule breakers.

- How active are you : 10hrs+ a week (which may go to 10hrs a month after corona-virus. Off work till the end of June)

- when did you start playing on our servers : 2010/11

- Whats your motivation, and what do you tend to bring to this community : I would like to help out on the ND servers, I am looking to help current members on the server as i feel its needs it! I would look into starting a commanding group again mainly looking to help the newer CTs. Overall i'm here to help when i can if needed.

Thanks for the feedback in advance.

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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by SNap »

Def a yes never saw Madlife abusing with his powers nor did I see a harassive word coming out of his mouth. You are calm/respectfull and you deserve for sure another chance. Short message but that's all i can say, goodluck mad.
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by Decency »


You have been a part of the community for ~10 years and has always been a calm, mature guy who one can count on being perfectly reasonable whenever a heated situation appears. Being a member several times, your rule knowledge and experience in how to handle things is one of the best. Saying more will probably only be redundant as you will for sure be accepted!
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by ZeRo#1 »

Nice to see you applying Maddy,

You've always been a calm and nice friend to play with. I will ignore the countless slaps you did on me since it was banter.

My only concern would be, which happend in the past that you are too strict. I mean there is nothing wrong on being strict in general but back in the days i felt you use your menu too fast before trying to get the situation under control with simple verbal moderation.

Other than that I can't see any con regarding you to become a member again in the team.
I would like to see you moderate a bit more and to somehow earn your authority back if it comes to newcomers and that without having powers right now.

From me a clearly -Yes- bcs the small cons can and will be fixed I'm sure
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by Qion~ »

madlife for nD* Jail? hmmm...
you did great before as a member, and even though I only played a little, I can say you are calm helpful lad, respected by most of our players/regulars, which is smth rly needed, you do moderate almost everytime something goes off, and even handle the situation aswell,
you sometimes spam me like "hey member do smth" when i am afk so i can at least state 1 con :3 (lies)

other than that as silence always says "act as a member before becoming a member", well i honestly see you as one even when you aren't and i do believe you fit for the spot, so why not?
say < reversed :3
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by Moee »

i'v said yes in all the application and this one is The most Qualifated so ofc a Yes he rarely commands but whenver he commands i have fun , i see you moderating from time to time as i said you rarely us your mic you know all the rules some times you break some but i can see that your trying you'r best to not do so . thanks for the 25k
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by Rhyme »

Ah, We had our ups and downs, But I like you. As a friend and from a team point of view. You know exactly what your talking about which is extremely good. You got banter which is also a big +, People know you and that's good aswell, that said you also have a very positive impact on the team when you were a member before, So in general Your mature, and fun-ish.

My only 2 criticism would be, I don't think you really take new people in good. Like not exactly friendly in my opinion to new people who u dont know. Once you get to know them, your someone else a much better madlife if that makes sence. Just try to approach the new comers who know nothing with more of an open arm. My other is the lack of effort in the application, Didn't look appealing what so ever to me. But yeah you'v been here before so i suppose its fine.
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by ~LITE~ »

one of the best players in the career of this community.
I respect you too much because you are too mature
and you know how to handle situations.
you know the laws perfectly and you understand the game well
you treated me like a brother even if i was too toxic and you changed me
with all your calm that has inspired me since always
you deserve to have this power
big BLACK YES from me
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by Kurza »

one of the applicants which deserves the trial the most, youre active, you was a member before, youre an old regular. nothing more to say. yes from me
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by Shadi »

Hey Andy.

If you're active, I'm sure you'll make a great addition to the team once again. You're a fair guy, you never lose your cool and you're a strong moderator in the community whenever you've been on the team. So based on that it's a yes from me if activity is in tact.

Your activity is however very volatile from how I remember it, but purely from the quality of having you on the team I'd say having you some time is better than no time.

I am also not fond of the effort you put into the application, regardless of how much is known about you it's a poor application from every angle. I like to see some effort from any applicant and really wish you'd have done something about that.

Anyway, if you get accepted I hope you're gonna be here in the long haul; if you do I can also see you become admin.
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by Evil Death »

Well , I saw you helping others and being friendly to everyone..
You Deserved a Yes From Me :)
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by amiiz »

Badass charisma,strict,serious and direct man.This guy has been here for ages and knows everysingle thing about how the servers work.
He will be a great addition to the team as before,Yes
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by Supercell »


It is really nice to see that an old member like you who did a great job in the past applied again for membership. There is no doubt that you are capable of becoming a member again , I actually think you can even get it without applying like Bonkers , because you are trustable and you always stayed loyal to this community. I've never had any trouble with you , I can always laugh with you and I just enjoy playing with u in the server. What I really like from you is that you always pay attention as a CT and if the commander did not see who won in a last reaction for example , you always know who won and who didn't. With this said , new CT's can really learn a lot from you and that is something really needed since there are not a lot of good CT's nowadays. I am sure you gonna help this community again when you will be part of the Jail team again !

The only thing I am disappointed in is that your application is really poor as already mentioned , it would be nicer if u put more effort and time in it. But that's not gonna stop me from saying that I'd really like to see u back in the team again. Yes ofcourse !
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by SosA »

Hey Andy, it’s great to see you applying for member, can’t lie that you were a great member before!


- Activity In-game! You have managed to have an amazing activity in-game as I log into every day to play at least two through three hours and you are in-game most of the time! I can’t speak for Forum activity as I’m not active every day here!

- Maturity! As I see you are a very chill & calm person! You don’t take the game seriously & you log in to have fun & enjoyment here & there!

- CT Team, you are a very skilled CT player with amazing aim and can take over a commander anytime, as you don’t seem to panic very often!

- English! You speak (English) fluently & everyone can understand you properly!


- Moderation! As a member, you should be dedicated to helping players or moderating the rule breakers on our servers! I would recommend you help/moderate the players more as I have barely seen you typing in chat or you speaking with your microphone!

- Commanding! I barely see you commanding except when you take over with another commander! It would be nice to see you commanding more often to see if you have the skills to manage a full hand of terrorists rebelling!


-Reports, this would’ve been in the neutral section however as I have barely seen you moderate, it’s is only right that we need to see more reports from you! My memory can’t remember you with catching cheaters/abusers/etc!

My vote for now is Neutral, if you can fix the list of neutrals & cons! You have my as an Yes! Good luck on your application Mr. Andy/MADLIFE, as I wish you the best of luck!!
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Re: MADLIFE Application

Post by Zeke »

MADLIFE is one of the best people I have ever met and played in nD, hands down.
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