[CoR] KaKao jail application.

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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by Shotex »

Kakao.. You can also see my signature and others will get info about him. He is really good guy
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by doeda »


All pros and cons mentioned and just report more and you'll do very very good!
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by Shadi »

I always wanted you to become a member. Very dedicated for a long time, both with maps, VIP, playtime and staying.

You have had a few negative moments but it's probably because of the frustration that came from other parts in the community and you never took it too far in any way.

I do not really remember you moderating though, but I'm sure you are/have been doing and that you are well aware of how to. I think you have a lot of potential and if you are playing your cards well you definitely deserve a spot on the team.
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by :) Sensei »

Everyone already said it, couldnt care less about any con you have since the pro's are too much. Goodluck!
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by Majin Vegeta #BB »

:) Sensei wrote:Everyone already said it, couldnt care less about any con you have since the pro's are too much. Goodluck!
I might just be me but I feel people are nitpicking really hard on this application. As Sensei said the cons are minor and the Pro are what a member really needs in the JB server.

Good Luck
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by S.W.A.T »

Oh Damn i waited to long for that i think you are ready for i have 2 months didnt play but as i played with you in summer i see that you are helpful nice , Yes , goodluck
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Bob Vegana
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by Bob Vegana »

Your lack of reports don't even concern me at all. Guy like you would know that earning the membership would mean cheater reporting during your member trial (If any. You could be as well accepted without any trial.).

I think you are the type of person to easily persuade rule-breakers to stop them from wrongdoing.

Why am I saying that is because of your level of intelligence and maturity.

You are truly dedicated to Neondragon. Noone should doubt it.

An ACCEPT here would be a truly delightful scene.
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by Sloth »

tbh im surprised that u havent ur not a member already u basically have all the qualities that a member could possible need, you also have a great attitude that makes the server a better place to play in there is nothing but a yes from me :)
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by Lien~ »

Closed on Request

Kakao has decided to close his application. I wish you the best of luck with whatever comes on your path and you're always welcome to re-apply! Good luck :)

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