KZ cash payout

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KZ cash payout

Post by Hadi »

Every time someone finish's a map get a nD$ payout, The cash amount will be like if he did it pro more than a nub,
and the top15 for each category gets a bigger payout every time he get closer to no.1 .
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Re: KZ cash payout

Post by Pukata »

Ive once considered such a system for speedrun, but couldnt get it to work in practice. Pro's can get cash pretty fast, and its hard to calculate a fair reward.

You say u get higher reward the closer u get to nr. 1, but such a bonus can be abused by someone pro, if he deliberately complete a map at a certain speed, and then choose to press the stop timer at just the right time to have a slightly better time than last, and he can just repeat that process until he gets his fastest possible score, and get all the bonuses all the way.

Second is, what to do when the pro15 is empty, and you somehow reach first place. Its a very complicated process to calculate a fair reward of nDcash.
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Re: KZ cash payout

Post by The Beard »

I see how the top could be abused or beating your own time may be abused. But as far as a reward for completing the map it's a shame it can't be implemented I would be rich by now :D. Only way I see it as being possible is if the cash reward could be tailored to each map which I'm guessing would be a Hell of a lot of work. That way though you could figure average time for a run, amount of runs per map and fix the cash reward to be inline with the average amount gained in a map over the other servers.

Some maps take 3 mins others 10-15 mins it may well balance out in the long run but that would not be taking into account those that would vote in the short maps all the time to make more cash.

As a kz player I do like the idea though :(

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