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neonDragon TeamSpeak - - Info & Rules

Post by neondragon »

neonDragon TeamSpeak

Our TeamSpeak 3 server is open to the public. Just add to your bookmarks and connect!


By joining neonDragon TeamSpeak, you agree to the general rules of the community and of the Teamspeak Server.

TeamSpeak Server Rules
  1. English only
    This is an English community. We are from all over the world, but the majority of people in our community speak English.
  2. No harassment
  3. No racist/discriminatory/offensive user or channel names
    Taking offence is subjective. We run a fun, relaxed community. In general, avoid names which could be seen to discriminate against certain people, or which have a lot of political meaning. This is not the place for such things. The Admin team have the final say on when something is inappropriate in our community and may ask you to change names.
  4. No spamming
  5. No advertising
These rules may not apply inside a Private Channel, if the Channel Admin allows it to be as it is.
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Re: neonDragon TeamSpeak - - Info & Rules

Post by Shadi »

Player slots increased from 32 to 64. It was noticed that the limit was often reached and idle kicking was implemented in addition to stuff like admins going around AFK checking, this should make it much easier. Have fun and now you should be able to invite all your friends :)
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