Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by KING SNEL »

why remove free jetpack for vips?
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by el mano »

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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by uhu »

PiPi wrote:why remove free jetpack for vips?
tested, works
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by The Beard »

Just thought I'd post to say thanks to everyone.

For those that have concerns let me just clarify and hopefully put your worry to one side.
I was admin back when there was just one dm server around 2006/2007 used to be known as Hunter back in those days, I saw the birth of nD's multiple servers which at the time were moderated by a handful of admin, I saw the birth of the member teams and there roles within nD and I saw the birth and growth of nD into the community it is today, while I have left my admin position over the years due to real life needing more time, there is one thing that I have never forgotten and that is the community atmosphere of nD, it's the reason I've always returned when time allows it and I currently have plenty of time to devote to nD, my aims and my goals are to work towards promoting and improving the community for all involved in it, from regular to member to admin.

Those that know me from the past know of my dedication and methods of working, but for those that don't I hope you will give me time to prove myself before passing judgment.

Thanks again and see you all in game.
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by Shadi »


I can agree with that members used to be better, but I don't think the people we hired were worlds better it's just that people were more motivated back then. I see this month's meeting mostly as positive enrichment to the team but I guess we could differ in opinions?

Granted, them being behind the scenes mostly doesn't tell you much; but why judge them before you see them work? I'm sure you'll find the 2 people coming back to the admin team rather reasonable.

We know of their past experience and way of doing stuff, we know they're active now, they have been trusted before with no ill intent and have the same goals and methods as back then - what is it you don't find cool about this one for instance? Lack of forum posts, is there more?
To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals is courtesy, to inferiors is nobility.

- Benjamin Franklin
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by East Clubber »

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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by Macho Man »

East Clubber wrote:Image


"this year you have been 16, 13 and now 14 turning 15, how old are u exactly?"
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by Starzy »

I dont like that you all off you people seem to worship satan but anyways.

i remember leaving and not gettin mentioned in a meeting thread???

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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by Jumps7yl3r »

If I see one more person saying that members get hired i'll punch you in the fucking throat. You accept them, you don't pay, this is not a company, stop saying hired please, it takes the fun away and makes me think this turned into a cubicle community.
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by .Cell. »

Congratulations to those who've been recruited. We know you'll be doing a good job. To those who've been declined keep your heads up. You will get there in due time.
There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed. ~Ray Goforth
So keep trying :D Glad to see the outcome. Loads of impact on jail in this meeting.
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by Konijn »

Big grats to everyone who got hired!!!
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by NaVida »

Selling good members 250k ea
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by bis »

NaVida wrote:Selling good members 250k ea
bin 4 1mill lmk
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by him »

Congratz for those who got accepted and hope you do a good job. Also, gz Humm for getting the perm ban tool , well deserved bro !
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 24-08-2014

Post by Thierry Henry »

Lien~ wrote:Recruited
  • Waschera is now part of our Jail team.
  • LaZy is now part of our Jail team.
  • kami (GER] is now part of our Jail team.
  • Sparky :) is now part of our Jail team.
  • R1CKY[JJ] is now part of our Fun team.
3 out of the 5 were in my eyes obvious member material, though I'm surprised about 2 of them.
Gratz to all, I hope yall do the good thing a member should be doing.
Lien~ wrote:Trials
  • Humm has passed his trial and is now fully part of the team!
  • Flath has passed his trial and is now fully part of the team!
  • Kallekanin has passed his trial and is now full part of the team!
Good job ^^
Lien~ wrote:Left
You guys left the team. It's a shame. Thanks for everything yous have done within/for nD. Hopefully you will stick around and good luck reaching your goals!
Too bad you guys had to leave..
I had no problem with either one of you and you were in most times there to help out with moderation if needed.
Thanks alot for your 'performences'.
Lien~ wrote:Permbantool
  • We have decided to grant Humm with the **tool. Congrats!
That will be way less reports, haha.

Lien~ wrote:Additional Points
  • /Sparta day voting requirement has been increased to 60%. The limit of 2 per map will be fixed by Konijn.
  • There will soon be an update on the /lrs during the /fundays. Some /fundays will have the /lr disabled, where during others it will be enabled. I will write a full outcome on that once I've gone through the days individually.
  • We see potential in the JB Kills topic made by Decency. The coding related admins will have a look and see what can be done!
  • The Rock/Paper/Scissors lr-bug has been fixed by Konijn.
  • Using fps_override 1 is NOT allowed in JB, in any way.
  • We have now increased the cool-down time on the gun-items related to the VIP menu in TTT. We added an additional 30 seconds but this may be tweeked if needed.
  • Extra VIP commands? !votemap will come soon. !votekick and !voteban are a no-go. Thanks for the idea!
  • The 3rd person option during /lr for VIPs will most likely be removed due to it being bugged. Regit will however take look whether it can be fixed first though.
Not huge changes, just small onces but I'll clear my opinion about them.
Sparta-day --> I don't know what the old ratio was but when the spartaday vote came it most likely got accepted so I guess it's okay.
/Lr Disable on Fundays --> After being the last terrorist probably because you're a coward to fight against them it'll be better to fight the CT's than fast typing /lr and dualling them in a type contest or what so ever.
Decency's topic --> I do honestly like the idea but think it's not really worth the small amount of cash.
Rock-Paper-Scissor fix --> GJ konijn, I have no idea what bug it was but good job.
fps_override 1 --> I have literally no idea why this is not allowed, ofcourse you see scripters or hackers speeding up around the map with double duck and going around the map in a few seconds, but in my whole jb carreer I have used this command fps_override 1 and fps_max 999 and I've never had any kind of trouble with members, admins or any other player. I think it's okay to boost your FPS but not to abuse it by making yourself move quicker. Also: How are you going to check if someone has fps_override 1?
Cool down guns TTT --> Okay seems fair.
New VIP edits --> Not really big changes just for some its eazier to type then open the menu.
3rd Person --> I really hope regit is able to fix this, I loved the 3rd person eventhough I was bad at it.
Lien~ wrote:Last but definitely not least....... tumtumtumtuuummmmmm
  • Satanssoul has been re-promoted to admin! Huge congrats, and welcome back!
I'm not really familiar with Satanssoul, I have seen him a few times in jailbreak but further rest I don't know him and have no idea who he is. He got instant promote to admin so I guess he's worth it.
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