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.Cell.'s Application

Post by .Cell. »

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:50403661

NickName: .Cell.

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Experience level (including any previous admin work): I've had some experience with moderation in 2009-2012 in a community called WorldCall. Practically I was in-charge of maintaining the server's environment (mainly peacefulness) by limiting the abusive language usage when it's crossed the line and cheaters. We had 7 servers which needed moderation and we were around 5 main moderators and had people who would contact us instead of the admins. Our job was to handle the situation as much as possible and if things went out of hand, we were to pm one of the admins, whoever was online. As moderators we didn't have any sort of powers. We had to use just simple words to keep the server calm. Which did work a lot. But, my experience level includes able to use the power of speech to keep things calm instead of acting belligerent and messaging up the admins for no reason whatsoever when things can be sorted out in game easily. Sadly, we didn't have a forum system like neondragon has here. I was offered an admin position but I put it down as I felt like I wasn't experienced enough to handle the commands due to the fact I was quite young so I remained a moderator till the ending of 2012.

In the period of time when I was a moderator I had a chance to use some amx commands on the servers for vote kick, vote bans, vote maps etc. which could not be cancelled unless people knew the command for it. Eventually, the commands for the above mentioned votes were leaked out by one of the moderators and the situation on the servers began to go out of hand when we weren't around. So, the admins restricted the usage of the amx commands to just vote maps. The uncancellable vote map command was given to us later which we were strictly not allowed to leak out.

Average amount of time on our servers per day: It can vary from 1-8 hours. Really depends on the days I'm playing on and if I'm not tired.

Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?: Around the ending of February and beginning of March. Started out playing on the zombie server until I moved over to jailbreak around April/May.

Do you have a working mic?: Yes, I do have a working mic.

After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.) as well as your motivations for helping to moderate our servers: Firstly, I'm going to start off with my name is Sheryl. I moved to the UK 15 months ago for various reasons. One of them is because my country isn't a peaceful place to live in anymore. Back home, my favourite sport was netball and the team I played with won various tournaments. I'm mostly a person who's in love with technology. The next thing I love is my pc as I built it myself. I'm currently in college and I'm intending to go forth into the field of a hardware engineering, particularly for computers. If I may change my mind in the near future, my second occupation selection would be to become an English Editor.

As for the motivations in helping out the servers. I'm interested in stopping the rule breakers as some of them refuse to understand the power of speech. But, I'm sure most of you will say 'you don't make reports' etc. The reason behind that is because when things go too out of hand I just call a member or admin on to have a look.

I do want to improve jailbreak more by bringing in some new ideas which I would love to share soon. One of them was to continue the school Andy set up. Since I feel like it helped a lot of us back then last year. I feel like I can bring a change as a member instead of an ordinary person, given the chance if people believe in me.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Konijn »


- Good, well written and thought out application.
- Long time jail regular (almost been playing a year now).
- Good understanding of the rules.
- Past experience.
- Moderates when needed.
- Can and does command.
- Shows clear dedication to the community and tries to improve it (commander training).
- Well known and liked in the community.
- Doesn't troll and has (as far as I know) never needed to be moderated.


- Could probably command more.
- Can be a bit unsure of yourself at times.


- Can't think of any right now but I may edit this later.

Good luck. You've wanted this for a long time and have waited until you feel you're ready for it. I know you would make a good member and I hope that everyone else sees this in you as well.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Humm »

I don't play jailbreak very often, but when i do and you're the commander you make jailbreak much more fun. You know the rules and i haven't seen any bad behaviour so i'll give you a YES!
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Maki »

R^age. wrote:...
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by bis »

- Commands (?)
- Well spoken English
- Rule Knowledge
- Active & Old Regular
- Dedicated

- You command but not enough to stand out, alot of people still see you as the CT who never uses their mic, command a little more in the server when there is more people in the server and I'm sure this would be fine.
- Not sure if you are respected by the regulars in the server due to the mic situation.

- Nothing at this point in time

All in all you are a decent candidate, but not sure if you are able to handle a full server and if you have enough respect in the server, my vote is a blank leaning to a yes.
Good luck.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by SiX »

- Active
- Rule knowledge
- Friendly attitude
- Required age
- Application

- Commanding activity

- You don't stand out of the crowd
- Moderating activity
- Forum activity
- Report activity

This is one of the more difficult cases imo, but I'll try to explain why I put each thing as I did.
Not until recently have I known who you were. You were the silenced typed who were lumped in with the other players.
I saw your name in the servers and you seemed to have fun. And although it felt like you had been there for a long time I did yet not know you.
To be honest with you, not until a few days ago did I even know you were a girl. That might be because I haven't heard you command or even talk since just a few weeks ago at a maximum. You're also not doing anything to get the more active forum players to know you, eg making reports and checking around the forums and posting.
But on the other hand you haven't been behaving badly either. So neither do you stand out in a negative way or a positive way and that's exactly why I find it hard to judge you here.

I believe an extension would be most appropriate here since from what I've seen the last days you're doing a tremendous job. Constantly commanding and in addition doing it decently. Trying to assist the players and teach out etc. But let it be known that if I had to pick between a yes and no, it would be a no at this point.

Nevertheless, the best of luck!
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Queijo da Serra »

Positive aspects

- Great english.
- You have the required age to apply.
- Knows the rules.
- You are very active.
- Good application.
- Has a working mic and commands when needed.
- Helps/moderates from what I've seen.
- Friendly person.
- Known in the community.

Neutral aspects

- Forum activity, not that bad but not that good either. You should just try to participate in more discussions etc.

Negative aspects

- Reports, haven't seen any reports from you.
- Not sure if you can handle a full server.


I believe a great member will come out of you if you get accepted. Yes, gl.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Jumps7yl3r »

I'm behind Six on this one, also the whole "Commanding school" seems to be just a shallow reason for you to make this app. Now i'm pretty sure you'll get membership (we all know why) and I really don't care that much for the reasons tbh, problem is imo that this most likely will turn into a classic "I got powers for bragging rights" - kind of case more than "I got powers to improve the server". My 0.00000000000002$
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by KING SNEL »

-Helpful, been helping me alot.
-Never seen u broken a rule



My thoughts
I think u will do a great job as a member. And KO9 by your side im pretty sure u will use your powers for the right use. And I also recently found out u were a girl and I always been talking to u as a guy, Without respect and all. But now I do respect u. So u got my YES
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Lien~ »


- You are above the required age to apply.
- Very nice and lengthy application. Me like!!
- Perfect English.
- In game activity is really good.
- You know the rules.
- You have a mic and use it although you can improve on this - see neutral.
- You're dedicated. You've been here for a while and never left our side.
- You are known by quite a few people - see neutral.
- You are friendly and mature yet you like to joke around here and there as well.
- You help out, you mention the rules - see neutral.


- You recently started commanding which is very good but I believe you should improve this a bit. Not the way you command per se, as there is nothing wrong with it. Merely how frequent you do so. A bit like what xeph says here;
Xeph wrote:- You command but not enough to stand out, alot of people still see you as the CT who never uses their mic, command a little more in the server when there is more people in the server and I'm sure this would be fine.
- You are known by quite a few people, especially the ones that know you from teamspeak and such. However, I also think that there are a bunch of people out there that have no clue who you are. Nothing major, and easy to change if you command more often.
- You help people out, you state the rules and guide them where you feel like. However, I don't see you help out moderation/authorization wise. Step up your game, I know you have it in you! I put this on what Koni said although believe you have nothing to worry about because you are a lovely person!
Konijn wrote:- Can be a bit unsure of yourself at times.
- Forum activity needs a boost. Try to participate in discussions and sections where you feel familiar with. Kudos on the jb commanding school topic!
- I haven't seen you make any reports, it's not crucial when it comes to jb but it won't hurt you either.


- I am unsure whether you can handle a full server by yourself. I know you have Koni, me and others to fall back on and will receive the required guidance so in a way it's not a major con.


Hey Cell, it's not a surprise that you made the application as I was aware of you wanting to do so for a while now. I like that you waited until you felt ready, it shows you are mature and know yourself very well. I think you will be able to bring a lot of joy to the team and server. Step up your game where needed, improve on the minor things and you should be fine. If I were to vote right now I'd vote yes because the neutrals are all relatively small and easy to fix. Now let me reply to the following, and other than that I wish you good luck with your application.
Jumps7yl3r wrote:I'm behind Six on this one, also the whole "Commanding school" seems to be just a shallow reason for you to make this app. Now i'm pretty sure you'll get membership (we all know why) and I really don't care that much for the reasons tbh, problem is imo that this most likely will turn into a classic "I got powers for bragging rights" - kind of case more than "I got powers to improve the server". My 0.00000000000002$
The commanding school was something she had in mind and proceeded with it. It might come over as though it's application related - and I don't blame you as it now looks like 'a strategic move' but I know that isn't her intention. Cell wanted to apply ages ago (even before Andy made his topic) but she didn't make one because she wanted to improve on the bigger stuff first. This shows she is mature, and willing to do what it takes to improve so she'd increase her chances of becoming a member. As for the ''you'll get membership (we all know why)''; Her being a girl has nothing to do with whether she'll be granted the member trial or not and saying it does is utter bull and a bit outdated Jumpy, you know that. Times of girls being favoured are long passed due so please don't bring that nonsense up. (<-- Assuming it was girl related. If not, and it's Koni related then --> Koni is smart enough to keep his private life and admin/online life separated. He's perfectly capable to vote as though she was just any other person. And even if it was the case of him being biased -which I very very much doubt-, he is only 1 out of xx that votes. I'm not worried about either tbh, I know Koni long enough to know he resembles the first explanation.). As for the latter, I won't go into that as it's a bit too early to debate whether this applicant will fit either of your two descriptions.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Shadi »

@SiX while her post amount might look low she tends to post constructively and has higher quality in her posts than usual imo.

As for my own opinion, can't really judge too recent behaviour, however, from the person I know you are Konijn's post mirrors my thoughts. Best of luck m8.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Veghan »

Hello there Cell, i know you wanted to apply for a long time already (if not already for x amount of months) and finally you decided to make one. I know we are pretty close but i will give my opinion as a neutral one, i hope you can accept that.

Things you don't need to change, things that are good already (Pro's for the neeb)
  • You have the required age to apply.
  • Your english is very good for only being in England for like 15 months.
  • In-game activity is good.
  • I'm pretty sure of you knowing the rules very well.
  • You have been here for a while, you show that you can be dedicated towards nD.
  • You do help people whenever you can and trying to moderate at times. (Might want to see you doing it more often)
  • I see that you had a lot of expierence already and that is a big pro.
  • you never harass and trying to calm things with talking. I'm pretty sure that you are very mature.
  • You did write a good application even i wanted to see colors! =[
  • a really big pro is that you help new comers and young people. There is nothing better then getting helped as a new person inside a community.
Things that are good but should be better
  • You can be sometimes a bit super strict and it's something i dislike. I not really a fan of being super strict because you chase away people sometimes with it (getting killed for a small mistake aint fun for no one). I do know that some people are a fan of it but there are also a lot of people that aint a fan of it. It's kinda 50/50 and yeh, you should find/know when to be super strict and when not (like example, when 10 people are on not. When there are 20 people are on yes)
  • You are known by people but there are still people that didn't knew who you were. Might be more involved with other people too, the people that are not that close with you. Talk with people and don't be afraid even i know it's different for being a girl. (people that didn't knew she was a girl were inactive tbh, because it was the first thing i knew lolz and that was ages ago)
  • You started to command not that long ago (even i did hear you now and then ages ago, but not that much because of being shy etc), i do think you command very good but i would like to see you believe more in yourself (see con part). I know you can command very well and just do it, do not be a back-up commander. Since we need more commanders like you.
Things where you should work on
  • I'm unsure if you can handle a server on your own.
  • Just be yourself even whatever people say towards/against you. If something doesn't go well whenever you tried it just try it again. Giving up is not an option, everone makes mistakes and we have to learn from it. I see you many times being unsure like Konijn said and this can be maybe a problem. Like i said, be yourself and convince yourself that you can do it (commanding new things, trying out things , etc.. because i know you want to do that but you are unsure of yourself)
  • I'm unsure how you would thread people because you are very kind, friendly and sweet. Even i think it wouldn't be a big problem with all the support you get. But still without the help is it a question mark.

Hello there Cell, i knew you wanted to make one for a long time already and i'm happy you made one. It's true that you were/are a bit shy and such to talk sometimes but i do think this is normal as a girl. I'm pretty sure 80% would just be the same as girl, keep in mind you have 20 people (kids and not mature people) in the server that keep asking you questions if they hear a girl commanding or if they know that you are a girl. I do not see something bad in being shy/quiet at times and i do also not think this should be a problem for you. There are enough people that will back you up whenever needed.

Apart from that girl part i do think that you could be a great member, a member that is dedicated towards a community and trying to help everyone whenever she can. It maybe comes over that she just did the commanding school to have a bigger chance so she could get accepted but i do not agree with you then. She wanted to apply ages ago like i said and the commanding school was just brought back because people were complaining about bad commanders. You should show some respect towards her for doing it and doing what people ask (bring more good commanders and less boring ones).

All by all i think she has everything we are looking for these days. Active, commanding, helping, making time to improve jailbreak in a few ways. There are indeed things she should work on like moderating, commanding more often without a push but these things are easy to fix. She's a very helpful person and even that she is Konijn's girlfriend, i'm pretty sure she would be accepted without him too. Let konijn not vote and the answers will be yes too.

This doesn't mean you aren't a neeb ^^
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by GuuhaN »

I'm fully behind SiX reply. On top of that, even though I don't play a lot on nD... I don't see you much on the forums aswell. So I can only judge you now from the forums and what I can tell... Your activity is poor. Fix that atleast so you can strike 1 con away. Now it's a no/blank.... gl in 2 years
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Boab The BUILDER »

Dont know why i even bother doing these because I havent been here in months

You have been active in the community for a while

Good english

Alot of experience apparently

Never been confrontational or caused any major problems

Does not tend to troll anyone (besides me)

Seem to be well liked in the community

Unclear on recent rule knowledge but never showed anything that would make me doubt that you dont know most of them


You command, and do good days, but you never seem to "take command" like, In my experience, You would only command if you had to, like after a while of no one commanding or when the commander died or something like that, I saw improvements on that but mostly when you had other people there with you

Not a substantial (or any I havent bothered looking too much) amount of reports

You only recently started commanding, And not too long ago, A thing im noticing with alot of applicants is they decide to make an effort for a little while, apply then stop trying if they get declined, or in some cases if they get accepted, I think that I would like to see more from you over a longer period of time just to make sure stuff like this doesnt happen, although I dont think you will fall victim to that anyway.

As far as I know you moderate here and there but again, its started recently

When I was around on CS more active than I am now, It seemed to me that you would barely socialise with people outside of your group, like the people you TS with, And a member needs to engage with all ends of the community to know how they will feel about actions you do or will do, or you risk alienating yourself (kind of like what the admins done recently) and as a result people wont listen to you or respect you as much


I dont think by yourself you hold any authority in the server, People like you which is fair enough but I couldnt see so many people caring if you started trying to take the hard line with trouble makers

I dont think you could handle a full server by yourself due to the authority issue and the possible issue of respect, But on the otherhand, you have a likeable nature so that might be a bit more of a good side, but I dont think its enough to move this point into a neutral


Personally, I would give you an extension, I feel alot of your pros are down to the fact you have been here and people know you, Other than that I dont see much of an impact from you, I find applicants are getting in more based on how well liked they are compared with how well they keep the server clean, Alot of your cons or neutrals for me are things I see as critical in being a member such as authority, engaging with all of the community, moderation and general stuff like that. I dont know about others and seemingly im practically the only one who seems to share this particular view of the fact I dont care much for applicants who are well known in the community and are active on servers, Thats what you expect from anyone even considering applying, I look for how much someone works for a server, How much they moderate and how much of a difference they will make, The jail team has enough people that can simply switch/warn/kick someone, The jail team I think needs someone more than that, someone who actively strives to make a difference like I said previously, I seen you have tried this with your commanding school thing, but I found it slightly odd (not the concept, Its a great idea and shows good initiative). But I would like to see you strive to be more for the team, Or else I can picture you just blending into the team and not really being noticeable like quite alot of members have done already. Goodluck to you, and I hope you make good use of your chance to learn how to better yourself, no matter what the outcome is.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Styx »

Well Cell, you made a good application and it seems you're motivated for this, I'll put up my con's and pro's.

  • English - Your English is absolutely excellent.
  • Rule knowledge - You know most of the rules, and you enforce them as much as you can without powers.
  • Activity - You have more than enough playingtime.
  • Commanding - You do command, and once you do you command really well. Only thing to comment is that you should take charge from the very beginning instead of hesitating.
  • Calm - You don't exaggerate and keep your head cool, although you could abstain from giving such harsh reply.
  • Dedication - A school for commanders and an application is enough for me to give this a pro.
  • Reports - Not that needed as you apply for Jail, but there's always a cheater in assault or someone breaking the rules in JB.
  • Moderation - You moderate from time to time, but you should give it more of your time ingame.
  • Special treatment - I'm unsure whether you would handle a friend similiar to how you would handle a rulebreaker.
  • Handling the server - Not sure how you would handle a full server, if you would give everything the attention it needs or if you'd play your own game.
Yes, I wanted you to apply, and now that it's up, I'm sure you'll get accepted. At the moment, you are on of the 3 people I consider a contender for member position. You have what it takes, and you can't do anything about the con I gave you before you get your powers and we get to see. I really hope you fix the neutrals and get the spot. Yes by me.

Good luck!
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