The reason why 5 minute rounds are not enough

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The reason why 5 minute rounds are not enough

Post by Dangan »

Already had some discussion with members, wanted to share with the rest, because I don't understand why this happens so much.
*Look at the picture*

So 5 minutes are spent into getting T's to follow you which should be taken in ~10 seconds: "Follow me crouching"
Then we do last reaction to end the long round, because the timer hit 0:00

Members are already doing something with this advicing people to hurry up, but just for the commanders out there, just don't do this, oke ?
Still happens every day when I join for couple rounds. Save time from commands and explaining, not from games.
Do something fun, skill match-up or something to earn the lr, not last reaction to end it fast. Last reaction take snothing but predoing the command right.

I was just mad and wanted to do this topic.
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Re: The reason why 5 minute rounds are not enough

Post by Veghan »

I pretty agree with Dangan, a lot of time getting lost by doing Simon says rounds. Just do quick & funny rounds, people aint waiting for a boring day.
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Re: The reason why 5 minute rounds are not enough

Post by Lien~ »

I also agree. It mostly has to do with the level of experience. The younger commanders rather command a day which succeed, regardless of how long it will take them, than having to deal with rebellers and such. I therefor advise people to try to learn from the more experienced commanders and if needed, for what it's worth, sign up for Andy's idea. You can find his topic here ;
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Re: The reason why 5 minute rounds are not enough

Post by Toon »

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Re: The reason why 5 minute rounds are not enough

Post by Tomato »

we need commanders like ROYAL TOON pls

also agree with dangan.
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Re: The reason why 5 minute rounds are not enough

Post by SiX »

I do agree with you that the rounds takes too long at times. But for some less experiensed commanders it's necessary to make themselves clear aswell as being assured on that they won't fail.

What can be done about this?
Well, simply complaining as a terrorists doesn't do anything at all because most of the commanders I imply on doesn't read the chat.

But the Admins, members and Ct's in general could try to guide them, telling them different stuff to make the games funny, fast and smooth.
If they refuse to listen but insist with doing 123 games, continuesly simon says, games inside of the cage, then it's up to us members to become harsher with switching them, sinse having fun is the main priority at jail server.

But even with experiensed, fast and smooth commanders the games can take longer than 0:00.
Now some insist with doing games whilst some goes over to last reaction.

Which of those are actually correct? Is it better to be exact with all the rules but with a boring atmosphere, or delaying 1-2 minutes to spread more joy?
And due to fun being my main priority to make, I highly recommend option B.) delaying 1-2 mins. This doesn't mean the games should take too long, but left to the CT's to use their common sence on what games they should go for and what they should reject. But just doing last reactions isn't an option from my point of view.
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Re: The reason why 5 minute rounds are not enough

Post by uhu »

Would be good to have members enforcing the quality of commanding, using their mics while T or dead should enforce the idea, about the idea itself should be an advice for the commander not to use a lot of simon says or to hurry up on doing unnecessary things. For example: starting simon, crouch and follow me, crouch and freeze at the new destination, make a line at the wall, make the line shoulder to shoulder, end simon, start thinking of new game etc. We can just tell them to line people up and send CT's to the route they are taking, then it's just a matter of silent walk and follow the commander and actually shoot the leg of someone who's delaying/detouring instead of just doing nothing. There's a component of noob ct's nowadays as well as a more present moderation needed.

Now being realistic I see this as a habbit that most don't have and it will take a few bunch to lead up the change so others can pick it up and start following the example.
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Re: The reason why 5 minute rounds are not enough

Post by dArra;] »

I agree with some points/comments.
These days we have a lot new players & commanders and terrorist's aren't listening they same way then older commanders (this also takes time when commanders need to repeat & warn few times before Ts are listening). Also I has seen CT's to delaying at beginning of the round because the freeday starts after 3:30 so they think "there is no need hurry to go cover exits". Maybe we could put the "freeday timer" higher but I don't see it as good idea.
I think it's more up to moderators and maybe start being "harsher" with the people who doesn't listen our advice's to hurry up.

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Re: The reason why 5 minute rounds are not enough

Post by Proffset' »

I actually agree to this, reason why many newer commanders play simon/snake game is that they're new to the commanding and might be afraid a bit to not fail starting simon which might be one of the reasons they rebel. But even the most experienced use simon and not that often and hold it simple and don't start it by explaining like 1 minute in instead of simon says I'm simon. About the last reaction part I think its generally because the chat pushes them to do it by comments, hurry man your commanding sucks end it faster when it's 0.00 which might be one of the reasons they end with last reactions. They also want to do a good impression instead of playing a new game when it's been 0.00 for like 30 secs.

These are my thoughts of course everyone use simon but new and experiences just do it more often because of the fear of getting rebelled on and failing.
Might be a bit bad structured but I hope you understand!

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