Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

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Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by uhu »

Hi, we've had our monthly meeting and based on our votes and points of views we've come to some conclusions. Do discuss (but avoid flaming).

Team Changes:

  • nD* Fun | Queijo da Serra
  • nD* Fun | SilasHacktivated
  • nD* Fun | SuvI
  • nD* Jail | nBi
  • nD* Zombie | Luna`
@ other applicants: keep your chin up you'll have a new chance ;)

Succeeded Trials
  • nD* Jail | apapaoemama
  • nD* Jail | Karn
  • nD** Fun | Maki
  • JTc
  • Maltazard

VIP Changes:

Based on Silas's Topic we've decided to implement a change on the VIP M4 kit, we're talking about an upgrade that allows VIP's to choose between three kits containing an AK, M4 and an AWP when pressing the new Kit button on the menu.

  • For his capacity of spotting and recording cheaters successfully, while being an outstanding and loyal member, we have decided to rank xReii^ as a nD** Fun while being given the Permanent Ban Tool. Well deserved ;)
  • Members will now be able to make use of a new tool, which extends from the Voice Gag, the Chat Gag will be available soon for members to enforce the rules with more precision and efficiency.
  • Members from now on will also be able to see Teamkills through console message on the Jailbreak server.
  • The knife system on Jailbreak will be changed. The kills with any knife will have the nD$ reward based on the most expensive knife purchased by the player. You'll be able to receive the same reward for a kill made with any type of knife you're holding.
// Cheers
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by Путинтебяобстрелит »


Congratz to all others!
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by Spiitzz »

Congratulations! I don't agree on some of it, and I believe most off the people could guess what that is.
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by akusteele »

congrats everybody :)
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by SLS »

Congratz all, Told ya serra xD
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by Xaturi »

Congratz Everyone!

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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by Unown »

Congratz to all :)
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by Jellow »

Lol, gz i guess :roll:
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by Maltazard »

Congratulations everyone! :clap:
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by Lien~ »

Congratulations Queijo, you've been working hard. I still think you have a long way to go but I guess the admins saw enough potential to make you member. Make it worthwhile.

Congratulations Suvi, I knew you would make it. Go catch them cheaters :mrgreen:

Nbi, nbi nbi, what can I say? You've worked hard and have shown all of us how much you improved yourself. Very well done.

Luna, my girl. I am proud of you! You've kept yourself standing. You worked hard and will do a lot of goods things again!

Silas, nice dude! Knew you would make it! See you in Assault ;)

^ If either one of you need me, you know where to find me. Anyhow, welcome (back) to the teams! Go do some good stuff!


Congrats to Karn, apa and Maki for passing their trails!


Good luck to JTc and Maltazard. You both have 4 weeks to work and improve yourself. Go check your application and work those cons away ;) Please keep in mind to not change yourself in any way. Just be yourself and it will be fine!


Wauw xReii^, guess giving you the dirty job payed off well in the end haha. Very well deserved! Go get them (:


Nice to see some VIP changes. Can't wait how it will turn out to be. And I am sure more VIP adds/changes will come soon.


And an extra thanks for the changes to JB as well as for the additional adds in our menu. Can't wait!
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by Aurelius »

When will the commands and additions implemented ?
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by Queijo da Serra »

Thank you all! :D
Gz to the accepted people and good luck with the extended! :)
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by xReii^ »

Gratz everyone :)

Nice features , the knife changes does the left-handed players and gag can be pretty usefull when some one is in rage mode.
Good job , keep it up =)
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by nBi »

Gratz everyone.
Good job and keep going.
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 8/06/2013

Post by JTc »

Gratz everyone!

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