New server!

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Re: New server!

Post by Lien~ »

SultaN wrote:We can have a poll on the forums with all the current maps and maps that have been requested by many.
This way everyone has a vote and all the maps that have atleast ~10 votes will be in the server.
Don't forget that 'outsiders' can vote aswell. A poll is never really accurate unless people elaborate their outcome. I suggest that the admins take this concept up for discussion in the upcoming admin meeting. If nothing concrete comes out of it, we can do a poll if, and only if, people actually explain what they want/wish to see. And maybe, as extra touch, the members can have a word about this aswell?
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Re: New server!

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Tiny Dancer wrote:Does this mean I need to pick up good old 1.6 again?
Oh hell yeah bro! :lol:
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