[Accepted] I guess it's my time to try

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I guess it's my time to try

Post by Decency »

Hello guys, I guess alot of people already saw this coming but yea, I'll give it a shot.

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:15875764
- NickName : Decency
- Age : 14, I'll be 15 in Februari
- Sex : Male
- Experience Level (including any previous admin work)
Unfortunately I've got no experience, except the 'moderating' I've done the past weeks/months.

- Average amount of time on our servers per day :
Well, since I started in the 8th grade I definitely needed to study more(and still do) to keep up my grades up and good so 1-3 hours on school-days, but now when I'm going to have a Christmas-break I guess 3-8 hours.

- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?
The first time I joined the server was about 1 year ago. (a little more than that)

- Do you have a working mic? Yes

-After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.) as well as your motivation for helping to moderate our servers.
Okay, My name irl is Joachim, and I'm currently living in Sweden. My hobbies are playing on the computer and read some mangas, that's pretty much everything I do on my everyday life. Which can be boring sometimes, but whenever I play I often play with my mates that never makes it boring and I never get sick of it though I might get mad at them sometimes, though it's not a big deal since we get over it over a few seconds. I'm pretty criticizing when it comes to people, I don't know how other teenagers think but I guess it's kinda normal? However, I usually don't say my thoughts outloud, that way noone gets hurt, I just keep my thought for myself, most of the time.

- What do you like?
I like lots of things, example playing on the computer, watching on "alltime10s'" Videos(it's a youtube channel)
and even if I don't skate a lot(never), I would love to do it. However the group pressure is kinda pushing me away from my will. (Noone that I know skates so it would be kinda awkward if I just brought my board to school and did nothing with it) So I don't skate. I did skate when I was 7 to 9 years old, with my brother and our friends back then, that was fun I guess. As I said in my last application I also like water. A inside pool filled with water, simply because it's pretty clean and you can see through it if you wear water-glasses.
I like it simply because it's so amazing and beautiful if you look at everything from the bottom. Or upside down.

- What do you dislike?
I don't like people who insists the are correct at something when they are not. e.g my teacher, today we had a test and he had written a question that was about something he hadn't taught us, and I told him that he never taught us it, but he kept saying that he did(later on he confessed that he didn't and apologised). as I said before I'm pretty criticizing against people, basically meaning I have alot of problems with them.

- What do you study?
Well I'm in the primary school (grade 1-9) so I pretty much study everything and I don't have a interesting job or goal in my mind at the moment, meaning I don't know what to become after school. Since I like justice(not retarded justice) I've thought to becoming a police officer. Kinda funny for most of you people I guess xD but Yea, and ofc I won't be one of those cops that assaults people with no reason. Sadly, to become a police officer, you need to have high grades in my worst possible subject, which I also hate. If you know any other interesting jobs, feel free to post them.

- Motivation!
I guess there isn't alot of different motivations why you would want to become a member. I would just like to become a member because I would like to have an easier time moderating, helping players, and get a cooler atmosphere on the servers.
I don't know if people respect me or not, but people do respect members alot more than regulards just because they've got the nD* tag. Don't tell me it has nothing to do with that because it does, even if the player was respected before he got into the team people would respect him more once he got into the team. Might not be all players that went through this, but the majority absolutely. So if I moderate, people would listen more careful to me and not continuing with whatever they are doing. Could be freekilling, harassing, bugabusing, whatever. And I feel 'powerless' when somoene does something small, but still not allowed, I mean, if I tell that guy to stop, he doesn't really care, and it's here where the powers come to handy. Of course I wouldn't be too rushy but after a while of him not listening to me I would take action. If I do not got the powers then he would just keep on going, and because it's such a small rulebreak I don't feel like reporting it. These situations happens all the time. e.g somoene slapping people to death or just disturbing the gameplay with the santa hats as a ghost, or a new CT goes into vent, Idk, just random small actions that are not really allowed.
Summary ; I would like to become a member because I know that if I succed I'll become a great one that keeps everyone on the server happy.

Thanks for reading :) (if u actually did read)
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by Styx »

I did read through your application, and I agree with what's in there. You are extremely mature for your age, and you have a sense of humor. I see you a lot on the servers, and you take criticism well!

Sense of humor and takes criticism

Don't got any1 yet

I will for now vote blank, due to that I wanna see what other people write about u.

Good luck!
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by Konijn »

I stand by what I said on your past app:
I don't normally reply to these as I don't generally feel I know said person well enough to comment. I know Decency pretty well though so here goes.

I think you have what it takes to be a member. Not sure about your history but I've been speaking to you a lot over Skype lately while we get dicked by noobs on LoL and you seem like a genuinely nice guy, can't say I ever remember you raging.

He's my Pros:

Commands often.
Known on the server and active.
Acts mature.
Nice guy.
Helps out when no members are there.


Forum act.


Previous ban(s).

I think I know Decency pretty well. If it were my decision I would let you join. Obviously it isn't though so I will just wish you the best of luck with your application.
I know you'll make a good member, hope you get the chance to prove it.
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by Lien~ »

I qouted and went along with Konijn in your previous application and will do so now aswell. You have my yes. Good luck Decency!!
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by Xaturi »

- Active
- Known on the forums
- Reports
- Mature
- Knows the rules

- Nothing really but that 'criticizing' and sometimes judging people can stop.

I think you would be a great fit in the team.
So I vote Yes!

Good luck :)
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by Coby »


- Active, both in-game and on the site
- Maturity, I don't think people who don't know you think you're 14, you've got a deep voice which will earn you more respect and you're very mature
- Rule knowledge, it's even better than mine wtf everytime we argue about a rule, you're always right so explaining things aswell as knowing what you're talking bout won't be a problem for you at all
- Good commander, never is lame, always asks the t's what they would like, I admire you for this
- You're constantly helping people, not just by answering theese kinda questions: HOW I GET KATANA HHHHHH, but also questions that noone else answers
- You have your eyes wide open at all times, you always know when somthing is fishy or unfair
- English, you're english level is very good, very impressive for your age I must say. Especially since you have no family from the english speaking countries
- You know when nuff is nuff and you have the ability to act up against your mates, which is rare, I have a really hard time with that


- You can get quite frustrated from time to time, but hey, who dosn't?


- Your strikes. You've been permbanned which ofc is not good. BUT! look at karn, he had a even ruther past, and I belive you deserve it just as much as he did, it's hard coming back from such a past
- When you're friends are on the server you tend to have a bit too much fun. By this I mean that you can type things to them that they get but other people will think that you're serious and that you're harassing them, which you're not doing but it can be unclear, try making it obvious that you're joking or taking it in steam/skype


Decency, you've got my full support and I hope the admins, members and regulars reconize how much you already do for this community.

P.S some might think that I type so good about him cuz we're friends irl. This is not the case, if I wouldn't belive that he's member material, I wouldn't vote.
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by daka »

Some times you can rage a little when things arent going the way you wanted it to go.
but thats the only con I can think of, so ill give you a yes goodluck.
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by Decency »

Thanks for replying!
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by Wannabe »

No need for pro's and con's for this one because the pro's simply overwhelm the con's.
You are a calm guy (never saw you rage) your rule knowledge is good (never saw you break a rule or something) when im in-game i see you moderate although it's hard without powers but i can see that you are doing your best. You help people and tell people to not do that because it is not allowed and you explain them why it is not allowed.
To much to say.... I know you can handle the powers and won't abuse them. You fit in the jail team therefor i give you a big ass YES
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by GuuhaN »

You're one of the nicest person on nD. When I played on nD and we're still playing pcw's time to time, you're a good organized, friendly person. I will just vote through the standard vote list or w/e :b

- Active
- Friendly
- Good orginazed guy
- Mature
- Able to command properly
- Having fun and at the same time you moderate
- Rule knowledge
- Know's what to do in certain situations

- Nah

- Can be mad sometimes at little things, but If I see you on the server it never happens ( this is actually my personal thought so don't mind :b )
- Been permbanned as coby said, but you've improved so much since It's barely visible what you've done in the past.


No one else deserve this then you decency. You're an honest guy and I really think you should be a part of the nD* Jail team. You're young but acts really like a mature old guy. Therfor you got my full support and a big fat, bold, Italic, underline, big font size, green and a great YES

Good luck man! :D

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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by spaxor »

Everything is pretty much said , same as coby this aint going because we are irl friends, even when i acted a little trollish on the servers before you kinda wanted me to stop, and that just shows you care. The most is said already so it will be a YES Hope you get it!
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by sixon »

Decency is the perfect example for a good member, Yes please!
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by Toon »

Sigh not this guy..anyways

-Almost everything

-Can be lame as fuck sometimes

They can atleast trial you, since im seeing no big con from you.
The past is the past.
nice members
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by Soldier »

HEYYYYY, Decency!

- Really nice guy
- Treats everyone equally (age, new, old etc)
- Mature
- Good application (shows you're dedicated)
- Always helping people out
- Calm
- Chill guy that can get serious when it needs to
- Active both ingame and forums

- Dont really have one atm
(no need to speak about your passed cause you've changed tremendously, in a good way ofc)

I thing you really deserve this, you've got every quality of a good member. My vote is YES. GL, Decency!
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Re: I guess it's my time to try

Post by SiX »

* Activity in game and on the forum
* Mic & Commands good
* Helpful
* english
* Maturity

* Age
* reports
* Been permanently banned

You got my full support decency, good luck!

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