yes - it's Bonkers.

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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by AjanozeN »


- You are known, that's a very good thing in the community.
- You have a very great knowlegde about the rules
- You are very calm, which is a very great thing, it means that you can handle a lot of situations
- You have good age for applying, but I'm actually don't care about the age.
- Your application is very good - very long and detailed!
- Your english is pretty well
- You're very active
- You're very friendly and fun to play with
- You have a mic and command


- Forum actively


I think that you're ready to being a part of the neondragon team. You're a very well player, who has good insight into the game.
I haven't any con's and that means a YES for me!
Good job - hopefully you will go through!
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by Путинтебяобстрелит »

Removed by a noobish forum mod:3


- Really activ
Long apply


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Gotouda Aki
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by Gotouda Aki »

Basically every con and pro have already been stated.
But 1 thing I think you should really work on, is standing out of crowd more.
I see you play sometimes, but you don't really stand out of crowd much, nor do I see you help others or tell them about the rules, your "voice" is kinda small, so would be nice if you would raise it.
Also, besides Surf, I haven't really seen you play on any of the other FUN servers, it's mainly to Surf and JB you play. Try to use some more time on some of the other servers. Doesn't mean you should play more, but maybe spread out your current hours on the different servers.
I am on a blank now, but what could change it, would definitely be that you raise your voice more, stand out of crowd, help, tell about rules and so on.
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by shayan »

hey bonkers

pro's: got a mic
helpful guy
good age

cons: no cons

yes for me XD
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by SiX »

I judge you from what I noticed with you from jailbreak ONLY.

- Activity (Game)
- Rule Knowledge
- Attitude
- Mic & Commands.
- Age & Maturity
- English (?)

- Reports (?)
- Moderating (?)

- Forum Activity
- Standing out of the crowd.

You've prooven yourself worthy to become a member Imo, good luck Bonkers.
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by Thierry Henry »

Bonkers, Finally you've decided to apply!
Well here's my opinion (I have to say, I can only judge you from jailbreak since I (almost) never play in Fun servers);


* Friendly
* Rules knowledge
* Knows when to be serious
* Mature
* Really great application
* Mic, and able to command
* Known by lots of people


* Helping people out (?)
* Reports (?)


* Activity (I might be wrong, But your activity in jailbreak is quiet low, But not sure if its same in fun, if I'm wrong then just forget this)


In my eyes, Your ready for a trial, Big yes!
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by Lucius »

Like Jumpy said the pros and cons is already posted but for my vote i will give u big fat limegreen YES
Yours sincerely, Lucius
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by Spato »

You're a very friendly guy, seem to get along with everybody! Always nice, always enjoying the game (so it seems) and never get your head hot. You're a mature guy and I'm quite sure you can contribute with alot as a member. Though I'm not all sure about your ruleknowledge at JB, but since this is an application for the Fun team this isn't something I should take into concideration, and I'm sure you know the rules well enough on the fun servers. You got my support!
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kami (GER]
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by Waschera »

I have been thinking about this for some time now, so here we go ;)


Friendly and calm in the servers.
Rule knowledge is decent.
Helping others in the server. Maybe not so much on the fun servers, mostly Jailbreak.
Very good application. One of the best i have seen in quite some time.
Your english is almost flawless.
Active at almost all the servers. (Dont know about zombie or speedrun)
Good working mic.


I will call you when i find them ;)


Giving you a try isn't the worst thing that could happen. Its a YES from me. Good luck Bonkers :)

PS. Stop knifing me at surfgg. It's not fun any more ;(
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by GuuhaN »

Herrow Bonkers!

- Active
- Mature
- Age
- Knows the rules well
- Good english skills ( better then mine ^ )
- Friendly

- I don't see you a lot standing out of the crowd but yeah my eyes aren't the best here :b

- I don't see you a lot on the fun servers, but It could be only me.

As I said, I don't see you a lot on the fun servers when I'm ingame. Yes, we did played a lot on SGG but not a lot if you know what I mean. Try to keep playing on the fun servers more and more and I will think you will do a great job as a fun member!
You really think you get a yes? HAHA
ofc you do :trollface:
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by Kwaakt »

Im going to reply to this. Im srry for the short sentences.. I have injured my right thumb very hard. so can only tye with one hand.

I agree to all the positive points.

The only thing I dont see really much, but when people ask you something I see you always responding on a positive way. The rage? Thats really rare. So its not a negative point and shouldnt be mentioned.

- I have played several times on JB with you and lots of surf. On JB you are a nice commander and a nice ct. And capable to do nice games.
- I actually thougt you where english. its very good.
- In surf Im always happy to see you as an opponent. (sometimes not ofc)

Why should he be a member. Hes active! And also a lot of times when no member is on. So its an good addition to the fun team. Friendly and funny. I hope you get accepted. (probably you are going to be asked a lot to ban someone for me when im online.) Kalle would be happy :P

Good luck bonkers. (from now on you wont fall out of the sky and knife me ok? ;) )

Greetz Kwaakt

edit: Occ Therapy. Nice! I have studied that too for two years. Not exactly my thing. But its a very nice job your doing later!
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by dArra;] »

I am not going to list Pro's because all of them are already listed. And what comes for Cons, there is no cons.
I really enjoy to play whit you and I like the idea to see you part of the nD fun team!;) Ofc its a yes! GL

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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by Bonkers »

FYI and because several people asked me about that:
I can get pretty insistent when people make mistakes and don't respond to or apologise for their behaviour.
f.e. Someone freekills/harrasses/buggs, I want that person to see what they did wrong so that they can make it right next time.
such as me getting freekilled on jailbreak. If that happens I often go like "WHAT!!!" (hopefully understandable; getting freekilled is annoying)
but if the person apologises right after the fk or explains on which circumstances that freekill did happen, I absolutely got no problem with it at all.
Most people should know that about me. Crap happens and I produce crap myself sometimes (ingame now lol).
But if people don't apologise or recognise their mistake I can get a bit furious since I simply don't like rude people and it offers the opportunity to fail again in simliar future situations. That doesn't mean that I flame outragely but I'm referring here
with this post to the rare moments in which I can go :rage:
I hope I could make things clear for some people at this point!
Anyways enjoy this snowy saturday afternoon and keep up the nice gameplay,
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Re: yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by uhu »

Your application has been Accepted.

Congratulations and welcome to the team!

Contact Pukata for more information.
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Re: [Accepted] yes - it's Bonkers.

Post by Lien~ »

Congrats Bonkers, very well deserved ;)
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