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Laprot the Freekiller
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Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Laprot the Freekiller »

Hello my friends, Yes it´s this annoying dude again.

But anyway, let´s jump to the basic information CAUSE i´m really pumped up to make this application!

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:23930683
- NickName : Laprot the Freekiller
- Age : 19
- Sex : Male
- Experience Level (including any previous admin work) : I´ve been moderating on nD since 2010 with 2 gaps in it. I´ve also been a forum moderator which i think i handled pretty good.
- Average amount of time on our servers per day : I infact can not put a exact time SINCE it really depends on the day. But i´m active and you notice me when i´m on the server.
- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers? 2010
- Do you have a working mic? Yes ma´m

Alright let´s go to the more detailed stuff.

About me as a person:

So let´s begin. My name is Jesper and i live in Sweden, most of the people here are also aware that i´m from skåne (hehe)
I mostly spend my freetimes on playing handball and being on the internet atm. Others than that i´m just doing the old regular stuff (which is written in every application) hanging with friends yeah and that.
I personally like to travel, doing last minute things. random stuff is kinda my winning point. I also like long walks in the mountains, and i´m really into women that are 1 - 5 years older than me. If you have kid or anything like that it´s okay i´m good with kids......

What i´ve done in nD:
I´m gonna put out the main things i´ve been doing on nD:
JB Guide - made personally by me (with help of some of the bigger people on nD)
YoutubenD - I doubt people have been noticing, but i´ve spent alot of time making things for our youtube channel both; videos, editing and comming up with ideas and so on.
Events - I´ve been in charge of a few big events which all have been a succes (no complaints) i´ve also been helping others with events.
Forum mod - I was a forum moderator on nD since 2011 i think (when Quicksilver were still an admin). I´ve also spent alot of time on the forums *also have my own signature thing to there i sometime spend time to make things for the people on nD*
Commanding - I´ve been spending ALOT of time on jailbreak itself i know the game from top to toe. I´ve been on the server alot, always been the guy that tries to keep jb alive (being on late and early COMMANDING) so i can keep the server alive.

Why should i get accepted?

Why should a person like me be dragged into this ND thing again. Well from my view of point, i´m one of the people that actually make JB fun. I´ve never been the moderator how have punished someone before explaining. I always try to make the server as joyable as possible.
and that´s one of the reason i think people liked me as a moderators cause i´m a typical Let GO Person. Ofc i´m not always like that, when the server is to messed up and people are getting to annoyed cause the gaming atmosphere, then i always take action (sorting things out, trying to make it funny again).

What do i want to accomplish in nD again?
I wanna change some of the things here on nD (details will not be put here) Cause i think nD is following the wrong trail atm. So that´s my point of rejoining, i´m also a creative person with lots of ideas.

Why did i leave nD?

Many people thought i left cause i didn´t get promoted to admin. Well that wasn´t the reason, well ofc it helped me make the decision easier.
But the main reason i left was mainly cause i had to make a good start irl after the summer (nD not bothering me).
Then yet again, will you leave nD again (if i now get accepted)?
Well no i wont leave, the only reason you wont see me in nD anymore is if i get kicked *due inactivity*.

Other stuff

People might think i´ve changed myself since i swapped over to regular. Well a little i guess, everyone talks abit more than they should when they leave the team. But tbh i´ve always been telling speaking my mind, and from my prespective SOME people just wouldn´t have botherd if i were a member.

Too make this application very clear:
- I will respond on your post if i disagree (you call it defending or blalbalb, i call rights to type on the internet!)
- Don´t make unnecessary posts (Don´t start a god damn war here!)
- I´m sexy.

Any questions or anything, just bump me on steam and we´ll make the magic.
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Shadi »

People like Laprot are definitely needed in the team and I am of course going to name a bunch of reasons.

As he perfectly states in his app, which is by the way well done, he's been a moderator for very long and has even made it to the forum mod position and handled that (imo) quite decently. He speaks his mind and is usually not phony when he praises or compliments people. He's one of the people that don't brown-nose their way to the top and he has made the reputation he has by being himself and speaking of his mind when there's stuff he doesn't like. Other than that he's loyal and hasn't been a community jumper even though there have been the gaps with leaving and so on, which can be regarded negatively. But sometimes, people just need to fix their lives and I believe Laprot is playing sufficiently long these days to handle the position.
He obviously knows how to moderate and we have seen that fine before, he's loved by the community and its people and he's seen as a good joker. He always boosts the atmosphere on the server with his commanding, persona; and he knows the rules after several months and time dedicated on the Jailbreak server. He's mostly friendly and helps if people are in need; as he said when people leave they speak their mind a little extra and that's not always a bad thing.

Hope to see you in the team next month, peace!
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Dangan »

Skip the meetings and insta-admin this guy.
One of the best members ever.
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Spato »

Hello Laprot.

I'm glad to see you decided to make an application again. It was sad to see you leave and it felt like you left a big hole behind you but now you're back to fill it in (no perv). As you say, you are a funny guy, always creating a good atmosphere on the servers and making the gameplay more enjoyable. There's no doubt you should be a member. But apart from the in-game things you also do alot by the side. You have done alot for nD and probably will do more since you're so dedicated to the community. I'm looking forward to working with you again.

No need for good luck wishing here. C ya as a member soon basically :P
AIK <3
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Jellow »

Laprot wrote: i´m one of the people that actually make JB fun
Well aren't u full of urself? :P

anyway no use to giving u pro's and con's, ofcourse you should get a spot.
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Black Leader »

yes pls
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Spiitzz »

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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Starzy »

You got it, no need for a good luck.

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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Путинтебяобстрелит »


U have left 2 times under 1 year with memmber now

16:28 - .Cell.: cause ur black
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Waschera »

Many off my best memories from nD are provided from this guy. My best memorie must be the footballgame we played in this guys football event. Btw my team won 16:7 ;) Even when they cheated.
You were the best member in nD and if you are not accepted then the admins can eat their own socks.
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Coby »

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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Lien~ »

Yes, you were a real real good member before. You were one of the first people I got along with. It also surprised me why you left the team but thats the past.

I wont give you a yes just because of your previous (member)behaviour. I think you've changed loads since you left. You werent active in the first period(which was for obvious reasons), and when you came back you basically became a bit of a troll. You also werent/arent really that fond of going by the rules and your forum behaviour changed a bit. Now, that I see you want to get back in, I bet you will be that Laprot again as how you were (nothing wrong with that though). I obviously cant see in the future so Ill give you a blank due to me refusing to look at people's past. I would like to see you do (moderate) more though, to show if you still have that behaviour what it takes to become a member. (I also wonder if you would actually punish someone if he is close to you).
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Bokito »

Congratz ! i guess.
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by ivanici »

Its fucking Laprot !!!YES!!!
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Re: Laprot the Freekiller

Post by Coby »

Nova wrote:Its fucking Laprot !!!YES!!!
Don't dbl post, use the edit button.
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