Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

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Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by Spiitzz »

Before reading my application:

I took this part from my last application, but I've written abit more in it.
I know I've made alot of applications wich got declined cause of childish behaviour but, I feel that I've changed and I decided to give this a new chance. I also know that I've had a REALLY bad past, I've behaved like a little kid and done alot of things I regret on. I've tried to change myself and I feel that I've managed to do that. but when I made my I don't know how many applications it was it was alot of stuffs going on in my life, I started at High School wich was really exiting, some personal problems and other stuffs. I've been asking around to see what they think of me now, if I've changed etc.. I also asked if I should make a new application, some of them said I should make a new, someone said if I felt for, they also said that I've changed many con's I had in the past. I've been thinking thrue this ( making a new application ) for a long time now. The reason why I'm applying for fun instead of jailbreak is because I'm so tired of jailbreak, beside that jail already got alot of good members. I know I don't got that much of a chance because there is atleast 3 good applicants for fun at the moment, but still I'm trying and I feel that I would be able to handle the job I would get IF I'm getting accepted. I've been thinking thrue this alot if I should apply or not and if my behaviour was good enough or not, but after all it ended up as an application.

Application format

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:18505470

- NickName : Sp!!tZz^!!<3

- Age : 16 (12.08.1996)

- Sex : Male

- Experience Level : I've been an member in mY.RuN(surf squad) so I got abit experience from there, I've also been a member in heartbeat(jail) so I also got some experience from that time.

- Average amount of time on our servers per day : It all deppends on what day it is, when I get home and if I'm being outside with my friends. But I still think it's 2-7 hours

- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers? : I think I started early in 2010

- After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.) as well as your motivation for helping to moderate our servers.

My name is Martin "Sp!!tZz^!!<3" Hopland and I'm from an island in Norway called Stord, it's located in the middle of Haugesund and Bergen, which is 2 of the biggest cities in Norway. I just started my first year at high school and I'm currently studdying to (hopefully) become a chef. I am still living home with both of my parents, my little brother (bixsit) and my 2 dogs. I had a little "counter-strike break" not that long ago where I barley played (as most of you might have noticed) but then I started to play again, and now when the gungame server came back I started to play alot there. The reason why I took a little break was because I wanted to be more social (being outside with my friends) and get a good start at school which I think I succed. When I'm not playing CS I'm usually hanging with my friends, or chilling cause I don't feel like playing. I know I've made alot of applications in the past which has been declined. But I feel that I'm ready for this now and that I can handle the job, I feel that my behaviour has changed alot since my last application. ve always loved to play different games as a kid I ONLY plaied pokemon, but that's not popular anymore when your at my age I've been playing alot of different games and game machines like xbox, xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Gameboy, PS2, PS3, PC, Nintendo 64, PS1. I've been playing CS now since 15 March 2008. Since I've started with CS I've plaied on alot of communites like 1337, Brutal CS, My.RuN, neonDragon, and alot of other wich I don't remember, but I havn't actually staied in one of those as far as I've staied here in neonDragon. I love listening to music, I really don't have a special music type just aslong as I think the song it self is good I can listen to it. And I really wanna apologize for my past, I was acting like a kid and that gave me a bad reputation.

Thanks for reading my application, and please post pro's and con's so I know what I gotta work on! :)

- Sp!!tZz^!!<3
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by minna »

I havent seen you that much, but i agree with "apa". You have matured a lot from beginning (beginning meaning the first times i saw you).
But i havent seen you enough lately to give a real opinion. I will edit my post when ive seen more.
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by spaxor »

not the best candidate but i think u can do well
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by AjanozeN »

I actually don't know you that much. But you sound like a great guy :D
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by Coby »

Hey spiitz, I havn't played a lot with you lately but for some reason I can't really see you as a moderator. But ofcourse that's not fair since that's just a feeling I have, not judging you.
You seem to have matured a lot lately and you'r very dedicated to this community, I'll leave my vote blank untill I see some more of you, untill then I wish you the best of luck!
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by SiX »

You've been playing alot in the server and cared alot.
Sometimes you may be abit, eh? But that's life.
I will still give you a Yes based on how I seen you.
The main reason for my yes is that you aged, you keep playing though you got declined around 7 times...
Good luck furthermore.
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by Spiitzz »

Thanks alot everyone, I really appericiate it! :)
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by Shadi »

I know you have the potential, Spiitz. But I'll have to take a look at you from now on and see if you are using that potential, because as 25 "Apa" says you have changed. Blank for now.
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by Sexypanda »

You know even though I can see changes in you, and that you are obviously very set on getting
the position of member (6th apply?) I'm still having trouble seeing you as a member, I think it's just
hard for me to change my view on you unless you do something that drastically contradicts it. I still see you
making ban requests for something that I wouldn't even kick someone for, this makes me wonder
if you could handle the powers, on top of that i'm unsure if anyone would respect your decisions, you
and your brother have gotten quite a bad name for yourselves over the time you have played here
and your brother directly affects how people see you, he's your younger brother and instead of helping
him you seem more focused on trolling him to gain some kind of respect from the younger players.

I'm afraid even though I can see you have matured since your last apply, it's still not enough to warrant a yes from me.
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by Jumps7yl3r »

Activity both in game and on forum
Knowledge of rules
Standing out of the crowd

I can not think of any cons, imo you deserve this and I honestly hope you get it. Yes
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by Macho Man »

Yes you did it you listend to me :P ....

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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by ICantFly »

YES I didnt even read ur apply but u'r fucking cool.
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by Kempavafan »

dear fucking god no
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by Путинтебяобстрелит »

Kempavafan wrote:dear fucking god no
Would u like too gtfo and stop write evryfucking god damn apply if u dont get any thing too write nice?

My vote is yes and pros and cons no need
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Re: Sp!!tZz^!!<3 gives it another try!

Post by Xaturi »

Kempavafan wrote:dear fucking god no

Also I am pretty damn sure that bixsit will go on to your account and fool around with the powers you get (if you get accepted).

Oh and, pretty hypocritical that you list the applications I made, and yet you are here with your 10th application.

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