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Post by QuickSilver »

- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:20801687
- NickName: QuickSilver
- Age: 26
- Sex: Male

- Experience Level (including any previous admin work):
I've been a member in nD for about 3 months and admin in nD for 1,5-2 years.

- Average amount of time on our servers per day:
Severely depends on work and other real life things, but I guess around 2.

- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?
Early september 2009.

About myself:
Most of you will already know my name is Kas, I'm 26yo and living in the Northern part of the Netherlands. I have a full-time job at the airport in my neighborhood, but I kinda consider it to be more of a hobby than actual work. I live on my own, hobbies include photography, traveling, aviation, football and enjoying life. I don't want to go too much into detail, but if you want to know something, ask away.

My motivation:
Earlier this year I left the nD admin team because I disagreed with what was happening and the lack of support from my fellow admins. This combined with a lot of changes at work made me decide to not focus on nD anymore. I had a lot of anger in me regarding neonDragon and how this place was managed; I still don't agree and the admin team is still too much AFK in my opinion, but yet here I am again. At work, we are now 3 months in (regarding the changes) and even though it is still very demanding at times, I now know what I'm up against. At times I still have some time to spare when I get home and some of it is spent while playing Assault.

I did take a break after an incident with neonDragon, which did me a lot of good. However, I find myself playing Assault a lot again these days, which dates back to a couple of years ago, when Assault was the thing that got me really hooked as a rookie CS player. I guess I started playing again because of the friends I still have on Steam and the fact that I also need something to relax with after work. I've learned a lot in the past years, learned to give real life priority over anything that has to do with internet and I think I now know how to combine it all. Personally I've also undergone some changes, as I also speak my mind more, in stead of remaining quiet, which was quite a change of always having to be diplomatic (even though I can still do that and will do that when needed).

The thought of applying has been going through my head the last few weeks and I've had time to let it settle in. I've noticed a significant increase in players at Assault and too little moderation. As I wrote above, I still don't agree with everything that goes on here, but I feel that I can help keeping the servers clean for others and myself. I play anyway and see a lot of things, for which I otherwise have to call others into the server, which is just too time consuming. My previous nD period has helped me a great deal when it comes to spotting cheaters and the Assault/nD rules are basic knowledge for me. I also think I have the necessary people skills to manage the server without it resulting in chaos and that I have a good common sense to deal with any problems. Recently a few good people (re)joined aswell, which gives me hope for the future.

So far my motivation. I'm still very much afraid that I will get sucked in again, which is definately NOT what I want and need at the moment. Therefor I don't want to be an admin again, just a member, no stress and we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading if you really made it this far and I hope you will all judge me on how I am now and not just vote yes for my past.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Jellow »

Finally, its about time you started to listen to my poll!!

So here goes


- An extremely good feeling for what goes on in the servers
- A good way with words and able to get them across to people when needed
- Has been an admin before
- Is loved by many
- Knows the rules and inner workings of nD*
- Stand out of the crowd obviously
- Not affraid to speak his mind, even if your aware of the fact people won't like what you have to say
- Has a mic
- Propperly written application


- Only semi active, but I guess this way you won't get sucked in 2 much, so i guess thats the only way it will work


- Waited way to long to re-apply

So in the words off my girlfriend from last night "YES, YES, YES Enrique, A thousand times YES!" (man i wish my name was Enrique). You have my full support, good luck on the application!
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Re: *sigh*

Post by apapaoemama »

Just to clarify, I won't rejoin.
I guess Jellow said it all already.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by East Clubber »

You have my support!
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Путинтебяобстрелит »


I think u shuld fit good as a membe
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Sexypanda »


Pros :
- Familiar with everyone in the team
- A respectable member of the community
- When you were an admin/member you did a great job
- Knows how the community works
- Voices his opinion with respect and a clear head
- Rule knowledge
- Active on forum
- Active on Assault
- Nice application.

Cons :
- I'm not sure if you actually want this (*Sigh* as the title isn't a good start. :p)

Conclusion : Of course it's a yes from me, the fun team is a bit inactive, most of them play on jailbreak and rarely on
Assault, i know you love assault so it would be great help (since it's mostly the zm team moderating assault atm.). On top
of all that you were an excellent member and admin and did your job well, just please don't let it fuck with your normal life
as much as you did when you were an admin!

Good luck my friend
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Dark_Shad »

A big YES for you !
1 of the best people nD ever had !
Fun to have you back Qs :D !
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Xaturi »

It seems that looking at the thread name you don't do this fully motivated.
But then again the fun team could really use someone like you who has the most experience of us all.

My vote will be a yes since I can't come up with any cons that might change it.

I wish you the best of luck and see you ingame :)
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Gotouda Aki »

Well we all know you're going to get in, so doesn't matter much if I write pros and cons.

But basically I don't really get why you do it. Since seeing you play past months, I only see you play on JB and Assault so applying for fun I don't really get, since it isn't THAT much you play on Assault, also I don't see you help anyone. I do see you tell people not to nade spam and hostage kill, but not more than that. Also the fact you fake nicked some of the admins and broke rules while doing it, I don't really get your interest of applying.

All that said, it wouldn't surprise me if you got in or if you didn't get it.

Based on past admin work you will get in.
If based on your activity and care for the community recently (of what I've seen) you won't get in.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Maki »

Probably one of the most deserving person in the community who knows how it works and wouldn't misuse his powers. I trust in his ability to deal with situation and for me, it'll obviously be a yes.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by QuickSilver »

Thanks for the feedback all, and especially Kalle. I just want to get one thing clear, I don't want to "get in" based on my past, I want to "get in" based on how I am now. Be objective, don't say yes because I'm a friend or because I did well previously, I can take the criticism as long as you give it in a constructive manner (like you did Kalle).

As for your point, they are true. However, what you might not see is when I call other members to help me deal with stuff. I agree I'm not THAT active, but to be honest, I don't see you there a lot either. I don't mean to bounce the ball right back to you, but it is how I see it. And I admit I did fakenick for fun, so if you wish to decline me for that, that's perfectly fine, I won't lose any sleep over it.

I also agree I could've chosen the title better, but in reality, I didn't catch that while writing, so I won't change it now. You are right about it though and Panda's con is spot on; writing and posting this application has been a lengthy process, mostly in my mind. I was very much torn in 2 about whether this is really the way to go, but only time can tell. Maybe it'll sink in later, but I can't tell right now.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by spaxor »

Where's the Admin Apply :mrgreen: anyways would be awesome to see you back in :P
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Sarah »

In the past you where the best admin, no doubt about that. You have changed alot since you stoped beeing admin in a good way according to me, you are alot more honest and you tell people what you think more clearly then you did before.

I have seen you in the servers before, I dont really play that much but from what I have seen you have your ideas on how things should be done in the servers even tho you werent an admin or a member at that time, and if it isnt that way you have a tendence to rage a bit, not sure if this is the case anymore tho...

The thing you are writing that you dont want to get accepted due to previous stuff wont happen xD you will get accepted just by beeing you..

I have no idea how active you are but I have always seen that you have cared for this community even to much from time to time. But you willl always do the best for nD even tho not everyone might not agree with you you will still always listen to everyone, you have always been a very good person for this community noone can say anything about that.

My vote is going to be yes, and that more goes on the person I know you are then your past, cause from what I have seen we need members/admins like you so good luck with getting back on the horse Kas ;)
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Re: *sigh*

Post by QuickSilver »

I would like to quote Maki as to the reasons why I don't seem to be motivated:
Maki: Meh, I do understand why you've applied and why you didn't want to ,
Maki: I think I do atleast
QuickSilver: do tell :p
Maki: Well, seeing how hard you tried back then and how you were one of the only one kinda motivated to do changes to nD and seeing how it didn't change (not that much atleast), I see why it would make not want to reapply. That + you exhausting you and it meddling again with your life. As to why you would want to apply, it's in my opinion due to the lack of powers to deal with a situation and the lack of moderation when it comes to the servers. Whereas if you had powers, you could deal automatically with the situation, something you can't do currently
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Shadi »

Yo, Kas


- Active both ingame and on forums
- Application, well written and explaining
- Very competent
- Clearly knows the rules and how to moderate on nD
- Doesn't only fully know how to report, but also handled many of himself... even stroke THE Shadi's first strike! :rage:
- Knows nD's history until long back and even today's!
- Previous admin/member and did a good job!
- It's always good to "attack"/compliment people in order for them to understand, but always vary the tone






Well, obv yes is obv. There's no doubt whether you should get it or not and my vote doesn't count as the admin team really is fond of you and your past work also you have a lot of trust because of that + past actions.

However, I have a request to the admin team; as he has been trusted with admin powers can he please get permban tool while he's at it? I think that would be a fair trade since he doesn't want admin ;)

Peace, Kas! See you in the team @ the next meeting with permban tool hopefully.
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