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Application: ZnK

Post by ZnK »

Steam ID






Experience Level
I've been a member before: I know all the rules of every server and I can preach and report anyone on any of the servers. I used to be very handy because I could moderate any server at any time, and I still can. I've also reported many rulebreakers on the bans section and strikelist and even earned the "nD**" for being trusted and loyal to the community.

Average amount of time on our servers per day
I play often at work days, it can be up to 6 hours or less it depends on how I feel and what im planing to do that day. I also play at weekends but not as much as on work days. Im active on the three major servers: zombie, jail and speedrun. So I might not be seen as fully active in only one.

Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?
Two years+

About me
I copied this from my last application because this hasn't changed.

My name is Simon, I live in Sweden, Stockholm. Currently live with my family and study in school. My hobbies are football, cs and socializing with friends. Always loved football and have been playing it for 4 years now. I used to be good at it. I also like to be outdoors and watch the animals; my grandfather always took me out to watch the elk and other animals. So it's probably also a hobby from when I was younger. I have always loved CS and never found a better game.

I hate to see people feeling bad so I tend to always help IRL/In-game if they have problems. I do take the time to help people who have trouble with "binding" or trying to become VIP/Admin. I feel better by helping others, so that's also why I want to help to remove violators.

Motivation to help nD
I did quit because I had school, friends and alot of things on my mind to take care off. And i also found Counter-Strike boring. But now that I solved all these issues and gained interest in CS I can spend more time in-game and moderate again.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by uhu »


You got my yes.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Xaturi »

- Poor application
- Failed as member before (imo)
- Inactive
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by RaOoF^ »

uhu wrote:Image

You got my yes.

You got my support, totally SINK :mrgreen:
3aw 3aw :trollface:

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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by face1ess »

-Rule knowledge

You Got My Vote Mate!
Good Luck with your application!
and remember to say hi to the goat from me xD
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by daka »

No for me, there are enough other people who wants to be member and atleast make a application where they put time in.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by emilitoo »

this only shows, I was member, I left the team, I will get accepted again.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by SiX »

Hello, ZnK I will vote for what I've seen of you in jailbreak.
* Old Fun member (a few months ago, got kicked due to inactivity, are you activer now?)
* Old player
* Nice guy, fun to play with
* rule knowledge (you was an old member in Fun, and in jb you seem to know the basic rules)
* Age, maturity

* stands out of the crowd (unsure, I don't really know you that well to say that)
* Activity (?)

* Forum activity (I haven't seen you be active on the forum lately)
* Very poor application
* Reports

If you stay active you will get my yes, good luck.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Lien~ »

I believe you left around the time i came so i dont know your previous member behaviour. I will reply on your app and your current behaviour.


- Age.
- You know the rules.
- You aint a whiner or anything (along with age brings maturity).
- You were a member before so i think you know the ropes.


- I doubt you stand out of the crowd, you havent really put effort into making a new name (or put your name higher up).
- Im online mostly at evenings and i barely see you play (i could be wrong though. As you've stated yourself, you play on workdays, so im not sure about that one).
- I've seen you around JB sometimes (deffo not much) and i havent seen you helping out as a future member should.


- I dont like your application (meaning, its too short/poor and there is hardly any info at all. What do you think the ''newer'' regulars amongst us must think? They dont know you, and by this app it wont get any better tbh).
- I also dont really like your attitude sometimes. You are still a bit of a troller imo.


I like you as a person. I can have good convo's with you. You seem to know alot and you dont judge people on mistakes (afaik). I do however would have liked you to make more out of your application. This is so poor that even the best of the best wont make it like that. Furthermore, i kinda agree on what Aka and Zone said. It looks as if you ''just'' made this application, already knowing that you would make it. And that is not fair, seeing that the regulars work their asses of. So i wont give you a yes, neither will i give you a no. Ill leave it with a blank. Good luck with your application!
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Jumps7yl3r »

-former member
-fun guy
-lack of zm members
-knows the rules

-helpfulness is a characteristic you show only in dire situations meaning you usually let other people do it you lazy bum

I was quite shocked when I came back and didn't see you in the member team anymore I was like : ZNK WTH MAN?! but you wanting to reapply makes me happy, ofc a yes from me
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Sexypanda »

I'd like to see you playing on zombie more before i make a proper post, maybe you play at different times to me but i rarely see you there.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Jellow »

I would like to see a propper application before I reply. If you don't have the motivation to spend more then 3 minutes on it, then its a no from me.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by QuickSilver »

The admins have said before that former members will not be accepted as easily, just because they used to be a member. This is the prefect example of such a case.

Sink, you're a nice and fun guy, but this application ranks amongst the worst ones I've seen. I have no clue how active you are in the ZM servers, so I will leave it up to the ZM team to post something regarding your activity. All in all, if I judge you like I would judge any other regular, my answer would be a no.
If Sink is accepted with this current application, the admins better damn well explain why they decided that way, because without a good explaination, the statement that people are not judged by the past performances is absolute bullshit and no-one will take it seriously if they say something like this again.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Mati »

Of course people are judged by past performances, I don't think anyone said otherwise. Someones previous member behavior (regardless if good or bad) SHOULD be taken into account - to what extent is up to (individual) consideration.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by QuickSilver »

Mati, I seem to recall that you once wrote that people will not get automatic membership, just because they used to be a member. Granted, 'that's a bit different as how I said it above, but the example is still valid.

I see ZnK has now edited his post, but it came across as: "Ex-member makes application, one of the worst ever, but it will not matter, because he will get in anyway". (aka just a formality).

Anyway, I don't want to derail this, good luck ZnK!
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