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Re: SiX's Application

Post by sixon »

I'mma be giving you a yes since you are active friendly and know how to command properly so yea good luck :D
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Re: SiX's Application

Post by farfar »

Hi SiX, i just wanna say that i believe you are a good guy, but not as "good" as you seem atm. I have seen many people changing during the "application days/weeks", but you just change back again when you get accepted / declined before i start with the con's and pro's. Anyways.

-Commanding (does it ok even tho he gets stressed from time to time)
-Activity (both on the server and the forums)
-Friendly (most of the time)

-Tries to help out and stop fights (sometimes)
-Can help new people (also sometimes)

-You can not handle something badly said about you, and i am sure this will be done propably all day long on the servers.
-You try to depend your'e self at all time (when something negative is brought up, you give reasons to why this person thinks so or says so)
-I don't think you would be able to handle a full server without freaking out and start raging/randomly kicking etc ...

All these things are based on when we have played on several servers and also on nD, i believe that these things can have been changed by now, but it can also been changed because of the application.

I will give you a blank vote that is leaning to a no raher then yes, because i believe it is the same as Sexypanda said, you have the quality of the "regular part" but not reached the "member material" stuff quite yet ...
I wish you good luck,

// Best regards farfar^<3
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Re: SiX's Application

Post by SiX »

Thanks everyone for the votes, and yes, instead of defending myself against these con's (which I realised was wrong done of me), I will instead try to change them into pro's.
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Re: SiX's Application

Post by Mati »


Sorry Six, even though we see that you're putting a great effort into this, we decided that you don't fit into the membership position. You are really young, and it's questionable whether you could really moderate the server in a competent away, and especially handle the crowd appropriately.
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