Im Out!

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Im Out!

Post by LongD »

neon... perm ban people just cus they got that adblock..Your going way to far here ppl are trying to make the community better and what do they get?..
Yeah,yeah you pay the servers but we try to make it better..

Anyways I'm leaving the team seeing anytime it gets better someone allways got to destroy it..
I have had a blast here!There were some months that were bad of course..Really nice meeting all you members/admins.
I will probably still play sometimes!

Some amazing friends:

Hanyuu:Asian powa FTW!Really fun to talk with and I have alot of respect for you ^^
Mizurri: Your a great guy with great humor(TBH I like Faatzor more :/ )
Darkness: My wife or ex? I dont really know but fun as hell with that epic voice!
Burak: The amazing Hack detector o.o
Pukata:Your a noobier then me on DR!!( I dont need bhop to beat you!)
X-Regit-X: You helped me out alot you damn sneaky tiger!
Ancient: Your one of the funniest person I have ever met XD
LuminCob:Haha your svenglish is kinda a fail XD
Hater:Mr.Rage on LoL :P Very fun to play with you in-game
^Skip^: Anytime I needed help i could count on you ^^
Tiny Dancer : Already miss you man!
Agito:Asian admin wohoo
Xazor: You really need to let me win once in awhile..
Pn:You epicly nooby knifer :D Ill miss you !!
Kod:You drunken bastard :P Fun times on FFA,i actully tricked you once into knife and then when you least expect it BANG!
QS:Ahh you great man!Really liked playing with you,was really glad the day you became admin keep up the good job :D

All person mentioned above are all great people!
And again I have a blast with all of you on this community well almost everyone! And all other members that still staying I wish you all good luck with this community!I hope once you succed to change this community that neon one mess it up!
Still neon i thank you for the fun time on your servers!
Once again Thanks for the fun and to the members/admins that stay I hope you have fun!

LongD Outooo!
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Re: Im Out!

Post by Xaturi »

So long and take care :(
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Re: Im Out!

Post by wei »

good bye charliee :( take care >.< liked to play with u, and had alot of fun to annoy u >.< sry for thisss :(
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Re: Im Out!

Post by xelef »

Goodbye, Wish you the best :)
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Re: Im Out!

Post by Spx. »

Good bye Mr. Caveman, I'll miss you a lot, you made such awesome jokes :p
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Re: Im Out!

Post by ^skip^ »

Fuck noooooo :(

aww damit longD don,t leave me!
ur are someone il never forget nor ur voice xD

had to manny good times with u to even pick out 1
im not sure if i still have u on steam or im just blind: add vionrusc

ehm well i hope u don,t stop playing cs tough.
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Re: Im Out!

Post by Falastiny »

Ta hand om dig själv !
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Re: Im Out!

Post by Necro »

See you LongD
Had awesome moments with you which I won't forget ;)
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Re: Im Out!

Post by KoD »

I still love your screaming, see ya longD
Eat the rude
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Re: Im Out!

Post by DarkNess »

Thanks for all the good times m8..

Hope we still speak on steam!
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Re: Im Out!

Post by Mizurri »

Tiny Dancer
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Re: Im Out!

Post by Tiny Dancer »

See ya!
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Re: Im Out!

Post by Lamk0^ »

Bye LongD, not much to say cos' we actually never talked and I haven't got chance to met you yet...
the courtesy lives on
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Re: Im Out!

Post by pn »

i will still talk with you, but i will miss you aswell asian kid
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Re: Im Out!

Post by Burak--015 »

Cya LongD, take care :(
We had funny times on Dm,Fun
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