Post your Happy Birthday Greetings here (only people from nD Community)
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Re: Uhu

Post by Chuzkuz »

Happy Birthdayy Uhu :dance: :dance:

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Re: Uhu

Post by ludwig »

Happy Birthday Uhu have nice day
Gotouda Aki
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Re: Uhu

Post by Gotouda Aki »

Happy birthday ^^
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Re: Uhu

Post by Joel Miller »

Happy Birthday, best wishes^^
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Re: Uhu

Post by ZeRo#1 »

Happy Birthday ma man Uhu. I'm pretty sure you are searching for a lot of cakes right now :P I'll hope you have a great day and enjoy your special day ;)
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Re: Uhu

Post by Mystic »

hbD! go buy something nice for ur birthday with the nD$ u sold off xD
nD is kinda like my Grandma, it's way beyond its experation date, mentally it's reached childhood again and it sometimes soils itself. But it just won't die.
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Re: Uhu

Post by [email protected] * »

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Re: Uhu

Post by Voropoulo »

Happy birthday zeus friend <333 Have a crazy night!
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Re: Uhu

Post by Infinite »

Happy birthday my friend !! Wish you all the best
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Re: Uhu

Post by KING SNEL »

uhu my dear, hope u had a nice day! big grats!!
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Re: Uhu

Post by Makita »

A bit late I guess, but happy birthday nonetheless!

'You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest, because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want.'
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Re: Uhu

Post by RaOoF^ »

Happy birthday habibi, enjoy your day <3

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Re: Uhu

Post by Patrick »

Happy birthday uhu!
Hope you had a nice day!
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Re: Uhu

Post by Maki »

Happy birthday buhu, hope you had a great one :D
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Re: Uhu

Post by uhu »

Busy day, partybeach lots of sun lots of drink lots of music and lots of ass :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta: :megusta:

And the cherry on top is coming home and see that all you guys remembered and congratulated me even though we never met :text-bravo:

Hester Shaw: thank you lad, i figure you opened the topic first since we share the same timezeone
Larah: Thank you Lorah Croft!
Queijo da Serra: i like that you havent been online lately but come just on purpose to congratulate me ;) thank you cheese from the mountain!
Shadi: thank you sir, i will live strong, long and very hard :megusta:
S.W.A.T: im only fat down there :megusta: thank you swot :P
L.A.P.D(aka Jenny ◕ ◡ ◕): ah my fearless csgo tester, we will have some new stuff coming out soon and wouldnt be possible without guys like you, thank you <3
Lien~: thank you miss, I did enjoy it :megusta: :megusta: :megusta:
Macho Man: thanks MACHO, hey cheers up you can still apply in the future etc life isn't over ;)
Carrot #SosA': thank you friend :P
Mila:(did someone say female? :megusta: ) thank you miss!
✪Papito: thanks papi :o
UberArad: thanks man, wish i get a joint like that tho but parents would see it :facepalm:
Po!Nt: yep I believe i enjoyed it pretty much, got a nice tan also :megusta: thank you boi!
Kronos: hey man when im done you can change name to james bond; i was thinking you guessed it was my bday, don't make any demands for it tho :P
abdi: thank you abdi :P
Flath: straight from France my boi Flath, I'm glad you're over our divergences(me winning euro 2016 and u not haha, jk mate :P ). thank you sir!
Chuzkuz: thank you kuzkuz :P
ludwig: had a great day ludwing thanks for the wishes :megusta:
Gotouda Aki: thank you fellow admen 8-)
Joel Miller: thank you "rookie" fellow admen :megusta: :megusta:
ZeRo#1: didn't have to search, mom made a special one just for me. white chocolate cake with cream and white doe(forgot the name in english). thank you sir!
Mystic: thank you sir! dont have to buy stuff them girls always trying to buy me and give gifts so :megusta: :megusta:
LouayTselkim: thank you man ;)
Voropoulo: directly from Greece(grease :P), i did have a wild night at burguer king :megusta:
Mr.Infinite: thank you sir, nice cat in glasses!
KING SNEL #LienV3: yes man I wished that too and it did happen :megusta: thank you boi!
Sir Makita: All good much love ;) thank you!
RaOoF^: glad to see you made your annual forum visit just for me =DDDDDDDDDDDD thank you arab drifter <3
Patrick: thank you yet another fellow admen :P i did have nom nom day <3
Maki: thank you boy, if you wanna give me a gift just go command some rounds in jail =D

:romance-heart: you all
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