Post your Happy Birthday Greetings here (only people from nD Community)
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Happy damn birthday man! Here's to another year of LIFE AND JOOOY :occasion-birthdaymulticolor: :occasion-birthdaymulticolor: :occasion-birthdaymulticolor:
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Re: Uhu

Post by gal »

Happy birthday idiot
Have a good one!
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Queijo da Serra
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Re: Uhu

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Happy birthday friend ;)
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neonDragon Amdin
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Re: Uhu

Post by Shadi »

hope you have a good one uhu, live long and strong.
To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals is courtesy, to inferiors is nobility.

- Benjamin Franklin
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Re: Uhu

Post by S.W.A.T »

" You must do the things you think you cannot do "

Eleanor Roosevelt.
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Re: Uhu

Post by Romeo »

Happy bday old man xd, will be waiting on u to test some new things after u come back, have a great vacation and a greater bday
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Re: Uhu

Post by Lien~ »

Happy birthday uhu. Enjoy your day (:
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Re: Uhu

Post by Macho Man »

Congrats UHU!!!

"this year you have been 16, 13 and now 14 turning 15, how old are u exactly?"
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Re: Uhu

Post by SosA »

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had the best cake in the world!
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Re: Uhu

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Re: Uhu

Post by Death »

Happy birthday Uhu!, have a nice day :obscene-smokingjoint:
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Re: Uhu

Post by Po!Nt »

Happy birthday Sir uhu! enjoy it to the max!!!
Army life
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Re: Uhu

Post by Army life »

Happy birthday uhu you learned me alot of thinks about girls :D Anyways when u told me is this my bday gift dint exepct it was u birthday o: well here we go thats the gift now gmod :D hopefully u enjoy it
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Re: Uhu

Post by abdi »

Happy Birthday Uhu :D
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Re: Uhu

Post by Flath »

happy birthday pizza man !

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