Post your Happy Birthday Greetings here (only people from nD Community)
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Re: wodeen++

Post by MicroChip »

Happy bday!!!!!!
Btw do you remember me? (?_?)
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Re: wodeen++

Post by wodeen++ »

Thank you all for birthday wishes.
CONFUSION wrote:Wodeeeeeeeeen! Happy birthdaaaaaaaaay! Hope to see you on Steam soon enough so we can catch up! Have fun today :D
We will as soon as possible, thanks alot dende:)
Supercell wrote:Hbd mate , hope to see u back to soon !!
hope it's not for too long time tho...
MicroChip wrote:Happy bday!!!!!!
Btw do you remember me? (?_?)
ofc i do, cant wait to kill you again micro :p
ANGER wrote:Happy birthday YA KBEEEEER, inshallah kol 3am w enta b5eer gl be tawjehi w el7bb <3
9ert zalameh a5eran hehe
Haha b6l3lk wallah ya kbereh. 7sabk b3den :p
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Re: wodeen++

Post by Nallez »

happy birthday man, hopefully sometimes you'll come back online on steam and accept my goddamn friend request so we can catch up a little

love u
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Re: wodeen++

Post by g0mik »

Happy b-day bro! Hope you have a good one, stay awesome! Love ya!

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Re: wodeen++

Post by Aash »

Happy belated birthday wodin! :)
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Re: wodeen++

Post by KING SNEL »

dun knoe u but hbd
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