[Declined] Unban me guys

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Unban me guys

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Unban me
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Re: Unban me guys

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How to make a successful unban request wrote: - Steam ID:
- Nick INGAME:
- Admin/Member:
- Reason of ban:
- Which server you were banned in:
- Date and time of the ban:
- Motivation for an unban:
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Re: Unban me guys

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That's the steam id connected to your forum's account > STEAM_0:1:441757855
You first caught cheating with the valveid in that report by slink > VALVE_0:4:261734120
Then again caught banevading using the steam id i mentioned above > STEAM_0:1:441757855
I sugguest u to stay away from our servers as if u get caught again the ban length will be refreshed all over again.
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