First Try Im Sorry

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First Try Im Sorry

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- Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:218842246
- Nick INGAME: Archili
- Admin/Member: i got reported by edited rhyme, zero accepted the report
- Reason of ban: Cheating Aim
- Which server you were banned in: Jailbreak
- Date and time of the ban: 2019-05-03 i got reported
- Motivation for an unban: Dear, neondragon admins i hope you are all feeling good in this day
Here is a new person his name is archili , but in the past there was an old person of archili who was cheating aim
so in this day that im writing now and i want to tell you guys that all the time when i am banned i was training on classic servers and focusing on my aim /skills
and because the server is full again and im staying home because of corona virus i would like to be back on neondragon server's because its the best server and i love the people there and the whole server, i know that i have to wait 1 more month but i really really changed and i will be so thankful if you forgive me about that month and unban me now
and im very sorry for anyone who got killed by me when i was using cheats

Thank you all, i hope to see you again dear Neondragon players/members/admins.
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Re: First Try Im Sorry

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