[Declined] Kac

Kac Morderca
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[Declined] Kac

Post by Kac Morderca »

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:17224686
- Nick INGAME : Kac
- Admin/Member : neonDragon
- Reason of ban : Abuse
- Date and time of the ban : 14 oct 2010 ~20:00 gmt +1
- Motivation for a deban :
I was permbanned only for changing my nickname to "Fuck nD". I didn't get any warning. I just overreacted neonDragon's decision for permbanning me on forum. I am in this community since summer 2009, playing for over than 1 year. I spend about 5 hours a day on server, since June as a member, helping other people. And sudenly I got permbanned on forum for having AdBlock software turned on. That just made my angry and I overreacted. I am asking to take off my permban, you can even add me on strike 2 and permban me for next little rulebreak. I didn't freekill, I didn't abuse my nD menu powers, I didn't teamkill, I didn't harassed anyone. All I did wrong was my nickname. Many people harass admins, or members, all they get is a strike. And I am also asking for changing my permban to a strike (can be strike 2). I really like people playing nD servers and I don't want to leave the servers forever. I hope I'll get unbanned.

I am reposting my previous unban request because nobody told me the reason why I am still banned. I am waiting for some real reasons/proofs, cause harrasing in nickname is not worth strike 3, and other ppl received their unban. + neon didn't reply on my topics.

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Re: Kac

Post by Unown »

I think you should Unban him as you also unbanned Sarah , Aurelius etc..
If noone comes from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad of a decision can it really be?
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Re: Kac

Post by QuickSilver »

Good luck Kac.
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Re: Kac

Post by Ancient »

I'm sorry Kac, your a nice guy in general but from what I've seen at that ''chat'' you won't get an unban. Since I am the only one that saw the chat, it is my duty to decline your unban request.

Also stating that I asslicked my way to get my admin position back is really immature and not appropriate. I wish you a good day.


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