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Re: doda

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Its fun to play with doeda , he changes the atmospher in a second if he wants to i belive , he uses his troll behaviour to make people laugh and enjoy but the thing is he is over using it , doeda you're funny ,enjoyable to play with but i don't see you as a member for now , i know if you want to get the membership you would get it easily if you work on your trollish behaviour and focus on what members should do/notdo for me its a No leading to an extend . hopefully what i just said doesn't get in the way of our friendship . Good luck in your application
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Re: doda

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General consensus of the admin team, and also most of the replies on the topic is that your recent behaviour doesn't cut it to become a member. Your activity is nowhere near what you've claimed it to be nor enough to stay as a member. Your motivation is strongly lacking, in addition to your application.

We do know you can be an excellent member, if you can stay a positive addition to the server and stay active feel free to give it another shot.
To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals is courtesy, to inferiors is nobility.

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