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Laprot the Freekiller
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Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by Laprot the Freekiller »

Hello guys :)

Steam id



Laprot the Freekiller


I am 17 years old and 18 22april.




I dont got that much of experience about amxx and how servers work, but im willing to learn and im able to listen!

Average amount of time on our servers per day:

2-6 Hours per day.

Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?

I bealive ive been here since July 2010, might be that im wrong.




I really bealive I would be a good moderator for the servers, im easy to talk with and can handle discussions. I got good knowledge about the rules, I want to keep the servers clean from rulebreakers and make the community a better place to be. I havent been here for a long time, but I feel that im ready to apply and I hope you do so aswell.

If you have anymore questions just send me a PM I will gladly answer them!
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epic winning
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by epic winning »

Good Application
Tries to stop fightes
Doesnt whine
Knows the rules clearley
Has an microphone.


YES. Good luck!
Couldn't care less..
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by Jumps7yl3r »

Apropriate age
Mic on
Commands if necessary
Good knowledge of the rules
Helps people in need
Enough time spent on the servers and forums
Can't think of one

I realy think you would dedicate yourself to this , and I think that the nd jail tag would be worn by a good person. So in conclusion a yes from me
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by Vlad »

Finnaly you made your apply^^


-Great Application.
-Active, either on server and forums.
-Good knowledge of the rules.
-Helpfull and friendly.
-Has a mic and he's able to command.
-I <3 him. :o




I fully support his application and i think everyone here does so. So my vote is Yes.
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by QuickSilver »

- Knows the rules
- Is active
- Good commander
- Seems like a fair and calm person

- None

Since you came to play on the servers, you've been making a great effort in getting to know it all. That has led you to being a good commander, with a good knowledge of the rules and I think you're up for it. I was also one if the people who advised you to make an application, so you definately have my vote!
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The Dragon
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by The Dragon »

you did your apply atlast.

-Knows the rules
-Have a mic & is a good comander


Conclusion: so i guess only one thing to type YES
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by Ancient »

Hey man, good luck.
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by k0u »

- Helpfull
- Friendly
- Mature
- Active
- Fun to play with
- Knows the rule
- Good commander

none! simple yes from me! ;)
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Watch Your Head
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by Watch Your Head »

you started when i got banned .. so ive heard that you are a nice and a friendly player so good luck mate ;)
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by Zacky »

- Helpfull
Whenever I see a player that does something wrong or asks for help, you help him/her.

Never insults anyone.

You never get angry and you always stay calm. You never type in caps either.

-Knowlegde of the rules
You know the rules very well.

Your commands are easy to understand and you make fun games.

- Activity
You are active on both the server and the forum.

- None

I think that Laprot would be a great addition to the team. You're an obvious YES to me!
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by Lien~ »

Good luck mister :) No need for me to write the pro's and con's because i fully agree with all above written pro's :) You deserve it :)

With love...
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by Sexypanda »

Pros and Cons are un-needed, you know how i feel mate.

Big yes from panda. :')
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by uhu »

I'm not a jail member so I can't put pros and cons about you, instead, I can say I never seen you misbehaving and you always sounded fair. I agree with them pro's on top of my post so it's a yes, good luck.
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by RaOoF^ »

Ok , I dont play jail too often but I saw u few times and heres my vote :-
-Nice Commander
-Knowledge of the rules
-Nice Application
-You try to help


My vote is Yes Since the Pros over wight the Con's , Good Luck :)
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One Man Army
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Re: Laprot the Freekillers Application ///

Post by One Man Army »

u know how i think of u laprot.
i think u will be one great member, thats why i told u long time ago to apply ;)

gl YES of-course.
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