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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by c63shmurda »

I dont know why you guys talk so much fucking shit about this guy beacuse he is even better that some members in the server he is trying to make the server fun and never dose anything wrong like getting ppl mad on him or anything.
Ok maybe he freekills some times but who the fuck dosent freekill tell me 1 fucking person that has not freekilled...

Im giving you a yes sensei you deserve member
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by Veghan »

Hello there Sensei,

I do agree with some people here and there.. but not everything.


- You have a working mic and commanding a lot.

- You are active in-game

- Trying to be different then other people (not Always doing the games at the map but making own games(1*))

- You're known by quite a lot of people what is good.

(might be other Pros but i can't think atm)


- (1*) You're commanding different games and shizzle in-game but it's sometimes so bored ngl. Not because they are new but it takes like a lot of time. Your rounds take too much time and it aint fun for other people, if these games went fast and stuff it was fun but it takes too long. You know what happens when it takes too long.. people leave.. Try to make faster rounds with sometimes new games.

- You're not really moderating so far i saw. Also not really into the chat when something happens and that makes people sometimes very angry.

- Your forum activity is pretty poor (not really a big con but yeh you know..)

- Not really big cons but still a problem..

''triggerhappy'' , I do know most of your Freekills are not on purpose but still .. you kill so many people without warning sometimes or when they didn't do something wrong.

- Paying attention: Like example: surf game, 3 people surfing and one is winning. You were talking or idk what and not paying attention too it. CT's told you to kill X but it was Y that had to be killed. Such things happen but i saw it lately happen a lot. It's a must as commander and member to pay attention.


Well i think my conclusion is blank leaning towards a no. I do admit you have improved a lot but there is still a lot to work on. Goodluck on your application.
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by Konijn »

xXEr1zeRXx wrote:I dont know why you guys talk so much fucking shit about this guy beacuse he is even better that some members in the server he is trying to make the server fun and never dose anything wrong like getting ppl mad on him or anything.
Ok maybe he freekills some times but who the fuck dosent freekill tell me 1 fucking person that has not freekilled...

Im giving you a yes sensei you deserve member
There is more to being a member than commanding well and abiding by the rules.

Members are there to ensure that OTHER people abide by the rules and unless people applying for membership show those qualities, there will be serious doubts and concerns as to whether or not they will be able to do this once they have been accepted as a member.
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by Neon »

ofc Yes!
Nice Person
Know Rules
Good Commander
Lien Made Vote In Server nD *Jail | Sensei
And u Got YES!
Good Luck Bro!
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by 25142 »

I had the honor in playing with you a few nights ago, and from that and several other times i've played with you I don't feel you are right to be a member. You don't seem to fully understand the rules, on two occasions I have played by the rules in which you tried to point out as rule breaking - such basic rules that many experienced players would understand - yet you thought it would be good to point them out because of the fact players ingame were speaking out against what happened. I think instead of doing that, and making the new players feel they were right - you should have trusted my judgement on what happened.

I have seen you moderating in a way that comes across as 'you're right i'm right' to many people including me, for example - a few days ago as I was commanding I had started Simon Says two days in a row - instead of just letting me command (you knowing I have played at this communtiy for years) you thought it was right to talk over me shouting how I shouldn't start Simon Says and how I should be commanding without simon says and being very patronising. The result of this, many terrorist started abusing me - instead of calming the situation down (as a potential member should do) you felt it was good to start also attacking me .

For the Pros, I think that you command regularly which is good and obviously interested in making the server fun (by telling me not to start simon says) I just think you need to work on your rule knowledge and ability of moderating in a way which doesn't annoy the hell out of people then i wouldn't see why you shouldn't be a member.

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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by SiX »

I must give you kudos on your personality. I do not see you as one of the players who are deliberately out to ruin other people's fun for your own self-entertainment. But at the same time I feel you're too much of a "Happy-go-lucky" kind of person.

Many times When you command, I can tell that you're trying to make the day as enjoyable as possible, but which results in you forgetting the more basic guidelines. For example, you have a tendency to prematurely kill people before reaching a negotiable amount of survivors in your game. There was this trampoline game on Jail_nck for one where you after having only one survivor started to kill the ones failing, despite having approximately ten players when you began. I'd recommend you to rather set the percentage of survivors to a minimum of 20-25% of the ones you start with instead of just settling with one survivor, though this of course very much depends on the game. You also tend to take on the acts of instant killing, such as shouting "Crouch and freeze, those who do not will die." although a warnshot would be more appropriate. Based on this you may come across as a triggerhappy fragwhore.

I now don't know whether you have a bad habit of ignoring the chat while commanding, for I've noticed a dozen of times you not replying to the questions asked and / or the complaints given. Or if dealing with complaints is out of your hands. For many times when I've spoken with you, you've taken on a look of confusion, as if you didn't know where you went wrong. So when people are frustrated with you, you often do not reciprocate appropriately. Rather, your bad habit of ignoring the chat comes into play. Is it that you don't read the chat or simply don't know how to deal with it?

I can tell you aren't a bad person and that I based on that alone could see you as member material. But there are a few qualities you'll have to develop, both for yourself and for the community. I'm sure that in time if you stick around, you'll develop this naturally. But if you become member now, despite not being ready for it in my opinion, you may come to face quite a few frustrated people, who venture out their anger on you be it in game or on the forum. Combine this with the group effect of people jumping in with complaints against you. In a server as the sole member you'd not be able to deal with that. You'd feel misunderstood and saddened by that and may eventually end up leaving your membership position. Patience is a virtue. Good luck nonetheless.
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by Puricarul »

I was very surprised yesterday when I heard you applied for the Jailbreak Team . Surprised because you didn't tell me ( asshole :evil: ) .

You command very good and you entertain the server with your presence
You help anybody who needs your help
You're active every day
You don't rage at all , even if you're the only person who's trying to command/have a special and interesting round
You explain your game every time very good and you're open-minded for suggestions that would improve the quality of the game


Your forum activity is not big enough
You don't moderate in-game so often that you should be .

Your con's are pretty easy to work on , and I know that , with the time , you will be a perfect moderator that Jailbreak team will be happy to have . A big YES from me . Good luck with your application :)
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by Shadi »

I think you could become a good member. Your good sides are your intentions, your in-game activity, you give a good vibe coming off from you and you'd probably always try your best to improve and listen to feedback

I feel like the feedback on this topic has made you more robotic than you were before, make sure you don't let the moderation side cover your previously more prominent fun side. Find a healthy balance, keep up the moderation but maybe make it seem more natural so it doesn't feel like you are saying it because you have to.
Other than that it's true that your forum activity could be higher and we could see some reports, not because I think you should make a lot of reports but it is to give the admin team (maybe the community) the idea that we know that you are aware what is report worthy or not.

My vote is leaning towards a yes right now.
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by Muhaha »

my final vote: Yes
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by Fish »

Hey mate, I've played with you in some time now and I can see that your intentions are good and you want to make the server more fun and enjoyable. I would say this is another side of you after which I also played with you a time back where you used to be in a "trolling mood" from time to time, but I can see that this have change and your intentions are for the better. You are a fun lad to play with and you can handle a full server as a commander.

Your in-game activity are good and you are normally commanding. You are friendly and helpful for those who need it. You are moderating, from time to time, but what i would like to see, is that when you moderate dont "over moderate", this makes it look fake and un-natural; as Shadi mentioned.
I'd also like to see that you step in and defuse some of the conflicts that are building up from time to time and explain what is actually right.

My only concerns are that you should read up on the rules to get a better understanding of them and be 100 % sure so you can make fair and rightful decision. Also, try not to over-moderate as mentioned. You commanding is good, the only thing i can think of is that you could work on making the rounds a little less time consuming, they can last a little to long in my eyes from time to time. My last con is your previous-experiences, but this shouldn't be hard to figure out.

After all, taking in consideration that you work will on your cons - Yes from me.
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by BBM »

Saw him playing once , liked him already

You're mature and calm and you don't freekill , you seem like a nice person but you have to report more players.
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by Sn00se »

Ohai Sensei.

I've been watching you in game from time to time, not only on the jailbreak server, but others as well.
What I think about is nothing but good. You bring fun to the server (not only jailbreak but other servers as well), people know who you are, you are respected, you can handle a full server as a commander (many people have mentioned this by now), you help out the moderators and also moderate yourself. Thumbs up!

What you tend to do sometimes is that you overmoderate, you can be a little bit harsh sometimes, BUT, that doesnt have to be a con, we have alot of good cops/bad cops moderators here, and a little bit of everything can be good in harsh situations.

And what else I would like you to do is to pay more attention to the chat, even when you are commanding. I've noticed that people can be confused from time to time over why they got killed by you, and I know that you are not just ignoring the chat or peoples questions.
I think it's just that you are very focused as a commander. This is something that can be "fixed" quickly and I don't see how this con should hold you down. Just try to pay more attention to what people say in the chat (which a member has to do).

For me it's a Yes. Good luck with your application, beliebe.
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by SoeSope »

yes man yes
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by KING SNEL »

i dont know u but peoples like u so yes
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Re: :) Sensei application

Post by Z!kooo »

Sensei best commander




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