Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

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Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

Post by QuickSilver »

Dear players,

In this sticky we wish to inform you about the possibilities of our VIP function of the neonDragon gaming community. The purpose of this post is to make future VIP's aware of the fact that being VIP requires responsibility. In the past there have been incidents with VIP's and by making people aware of what they can and can not do we hope that the amount of incidents will decrease.

I. Background info
The neonDragon gaming community was founded in 2005 and currently hosts 8 Counter-Strike (also known as "CS") servers. CS is an online tactical shooting game which enabled people from all over the world to connect to servers and play regular CS or one of the many other mods. Currently, we have 8 servers with different mods installed on them:
  • CS1 - JailBreak [Achievements]
  • CS2 - Roadrage Fun Server
  • CS3 - Surf-Gungame
  • CS4 - Speedrun 1000FPS FastDL
  • CS5 - Zombie Plague 1000FPS FastDL
  • CS6 - Assault 24/7 1000FPS FastDL
  • CS7 - Fun Deathmatch
  • CS8 - Deathrun
II. So where does the VIP come in?
We offer players of our servers a little bit of extra fun, in the shape of a VIP service. This service contains a couple of things that the VIP can use, which normal players can not. The current list of VIP items contain:
  • Slapping
  • Roll the dice
  • Free Autosniper
  • Free AWP
  • Full Kit (M4 + Deagle + HE + FB + Smoke)
  • No Clip (10 seconds)
  • Double Damage (10 seconds)
  • Glow
  • Drugs
  • CT and terrorist VIP skins
  • Health option (100 HP)
  • Vote Map
  • Vote Kick
  • Vote Ban (30 minutes)
Jailbreak-related features
  • 50% more jbcash gaining
  • Exclusive /lrs: Nightcrawler and Hot Potato
  • Third person view available at /lr
  • 10% jbshop rebate
  • Free Jetpack (T only)
  • Magic Marker (CT only)
  • Higher Gambling Odds
Zombie-related features
  • 3 new human, and 2 new zombie models
  • Multiple fun features: Throw chickens, throw crabs, get drunk, start a party
  • Free Golden AK model
  • Free Antidote Gun
  • Free Anti-Infection Armor
  • Free Nightvision Goggles
  • Free Weapon Tracers
  • Free Revive Option
  • 1 AP rebate on Zombie Items
Fun Deathmatch-related features
  • Strip Grenade
  • Super Grenade
  • Free Revive option
  • 4 Models (2 for each team)
  • Additional 5 nDcash per kill
Surf Gungame-related features
  • Strip Grenade
  • Free Revive option
Runner-related features
  • Free Revive option
  • VIP Only Models
Roadrage-related features
  • Free Revive option
(Note: the VIP-menu may be altered without any prior notification if we feel a change is necessary)

III. How Do I get VIP?
We offer 3 types of VIP:
  • 1 month for 7.49€
  • 3 months for 19.99€
  • 1 year for 39.99€
The best way to get VIP is to go to our forums and go to the VIP/Donation section or by clicking the following link:

In that thread you will find all the info you need on how to get VIP. Should there be any questions left, you can make a post on the forum or ask one of the admins.

IV. Rules
Of course VIP's are not exempted from the normal server rules. The VIP should make sure he/she acts accordingly, or he/she risks getting their VIP status being taken away.
The normal server rules are:
  • Kicking/banning people for personal reasons is not allowed. Also please note that if an admin or member is online you are not allowed to initiate a kick vote, let the admin/member do their job.
  • Do not spam vote new maps, once or twice per map is perfectly fine, if the players don't vote for your map they obviously don't want to play it.
  • Slapping, its fun but try not to overdo it or to use it in such a way to cause another player to fail or die.
  • You are not allowed to slap other players for fun if they told you that they do not want to be slapped (if there is a blocker or such, you may slap them.)
For more specific server rules visit the VIP rules thread here:

We suggest that you read all the information that has been made available for you on this forum and/or ask a member/admin of the community. The best way, as always, is to learn the rules while playing on the servers. We have a lot of members/admins and regular players that can help you understand the various mods we have to offer.

If the VIP abuses their powers or is abusing in any other way, he/she will be given a warning. Depending on the case, there may be more than 1 warning issued. If the VIP continues to abuse in any way despite the warnings that have been given, he/she risks getting their VIP status taken away and their money will not be refunded.

Be sure to register on the forum so we can help swiftly with any problem that you might encounter. Your questions will be answered in no-time by an admin or members plus it helps us to communicate with you easily. There are always people who will question certain actions by VIP's and by registering on the forum we can clear out any doubts very fast.

V. Final words
By purchasing VIP on our servers, you agree to the above. We thank you in advance for supporting us and we wish you a lot of fun in our servers!
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Re: Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

Post by SNap! »

Add for hns a 2nd frost grenade? Or more flashes for VIPS?

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Re: Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

Post by traveller »

Hello, I dont know where to write it, but I imagine (was here on the forum last year) that I can buy VIP via SMS? :?:
Now I do not find anything. :(
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Re: Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

Post by Thierry Henry »

traveller wrote:Hello, I dont know where to write it, but I imagine (was here on the forum last year) that I can buy VIP via SMS? :?:
Now I do not find anything. :(
The SMS thing that neonDragon used to have isn't supported anymore.
Only option (for now) to buy VIP is using Paypal.

Here is the post nD made about the SMS-problem:
neondragon wrote:We are no longer accepting VIP payment by SMS message.

This is because the company that provided our SMS payment option has decided not to comply with a new EU directive affecting how VAT is applied to payments within Europe, and instead is disabling our account on the 19th December.

We'll look for an alternate way to offer SMS payment again, but until then, please use PayPal if that option is available to you.
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Re: Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

Post by QuErza! »

Can you like stop giving vip to every single person? For once i played JB where i told every single vip players not to slap me, but nah they thought it was funny.. And started to slap more. If this is how this game is going to be well fuck it iam out.
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Re: Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

Post by Decency »

QuickSilver wrote:50% more jbcash gaining
needs an update!
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Re: Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

Post by austria_wien »

Decency wrote:
QuickSilver wrote:50% more jbcash gaining
needs an update!
its a bit more than that.
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Re: Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

Post by NewtoN. »

can someone please explain roll the dice and what does higher gambling odds mean?
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Re: Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

Post by g0mik »

STROKE MY CACTUS wrote:can someone please explain roll the dice and what does higher gambling odds mean?
Roll the dice = Used as a T it gives you armour/deagle etc . .some other shit too i don't remember what
Higher gambling odds = You have higher chances of winning in Blackjack/gamble. (Not really high tho i think it was 15%, can't really remember)

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Please read before purchasing VIP! [Updated!]

Post by Voropoulo »

STROKE MY CACTUS wrote:can someone please explain roll the dice and what does higher gambling odds mean?
Almost as gomik said.

Rtd: you can get some extra things for free (ct skin, guns, low gravity, 200hp, health generation...)

About the gambling odds as regular you have a 49% chance to lose and 51% to win. As a VIP you have 48%-52%.
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