Little Precision

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Little Precision

Post by pl0t »


I need a little precision about this rule :
- You cannot give yourself guns as a T, except on (restricted) freedays, while being in the gunroom, right next to the weapons and with no CTs inside there. The RTD option which may give you a gun is an exception, however.

So, are we able to use VIP menu to have an automatic sniper inside the gunroom and with no CT inside, even if it's not a FD or RFD ?

I should say no, but it seems to not be clear when i speak with others about that ?
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Re: Little Precision

Post by Army life »

so this is quite simple

here is its how
you cannon use you vip powers to get gun, now the simple way its only in restricted free day , when you are inside gun room !

btw you cannon get gun when its free day only or any others day ! expect restricted free day
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Re: Little Precision

Post by stickysteez »

You can ONLY give yourself guns on a (restricted)FREE DAY (remember that you can also get a free day when the commander dies and no one takes over) while standing in the gun room(with no CT's) close to the guns.
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Re: Little Precision

Post by Bob Vegana »

The idea behind this is that you aren't supposed to get guns with some kind of magical help, it's supposed to be only physically possible to get it, like everybody without VIP would.
Meaning, that you are allowed to use VIP to get guns only when you are supposed to -> while in gunroom, where you have all kinds of weapon choices. To make sure you haven't abused, this is what you could do -

1. Take any gun from the gunroom by normal means from the source (if it's a button). I guess you shouldn't use your gun powerup when gunroom is out of guns, like in jail_color_full it may be.
2. Replace it with a weapon of your choice in VIP menu. It would make you have equal means of getting weapons like everybody, but VIP would help you get an "upgrade" of your weapon.

If we look at the rule with common sense, there should be no issue to be able to use this function in normal FD (only when the gunroom has exactly 0 CT's guarding it and you got a gun from the gun selection), normal commanding day (you making it to gunroom and having taken a gun, then having replaced it) and HNS (same situation as in normal day).

Of course it's forbidden at all times during /sparta and all fundays.
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