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Vip ndmenu

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Imagine a situation where u wish you start a votemap, votekick or a voteban due to some or the other reason. Now when u are in the stage of select which map or which player to take the vote on and the the same instance some other voting starts maybe a /sparta or a round end map voting or you get killed and respawn as ghost or some other vip starts another vote and so on..

Now the problem that occurs is that after the voting ends if you still wish to start your own vote it displays a cool-down timer even if you haven't actually started the vote!!! At some situations it gets pretty annoying for the vip and maybe other players as well if that vote is really necessary at that time. Dunno if that is intended but if it is not please fix it asap.

Thank you
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Re: Vip ndmenu

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If you open the votekick menu and then exit it by pressing 0 then it gives a cool down of 3mins but it's not the same case with slap, eg:if I open the slap menu and close it by pressing 0 then I don't have to wait for 40sec unless I do slap someone.
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