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Post by Sexypanda »

Hello friends! I played here ages ago, doubt many people will recognize me but yeah. Played a little bit of jb in the past few days after finally finishing my exams for the year and had some good fun, might start being a wee bit active. My name's Owen, I'm doing my master's degree in social work in cardiff, Wales. pretty into gaming my entire life, bit of a joker and just into fucking around and having a laugh. Will try and do some commanding, maybe.

Looking forward to seeing you all around.


Edit: Also just looked at my signature. Edgy teen cringe. Haha.
When the power of love overthrows the love of power men will know peace~
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Re: Hey

Post by [email protected] * »

welcome back Owen :D
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Re: Hey

Post by Kris »

Welcome back Panda and enjoy your stay,cya in the servers.
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Re: Hey

Post by Kurza »

wb fam, have fun again just like in the past
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Re: Hey

Post by Infinite »

Welcome Back Owen!
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Re: Hey

Post by Hamooda »

Welcome back!! D:
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Re: Hey

Post by Shadi »

damn owen, been ages.

Don't think I ever met anyone who had studied social working online myself aside, hope it goes well and welcome back
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Re: Hey

Post by critycism »

welcomeeee back!! (even though i dont know you) see you in-game :)
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Re: Hey

Post by voodoo »

wow panda you still on my steam friendlist :D glad to see you again here. Welcome back
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Re: Hey

Post by Makita »

I remember you! Welcome back.

'You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest, because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want.'
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Re: Hey

Post by Cruxell »

Hello how's your father?
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Re: Hey

Post by Bleak »

Welcome back, enjoy your stay!
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Re: Hey

Post by Silence »

Welcome back
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Re: Hey

Post by Nallez »

Glad to see you back
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Re: Hey

Post by g0mik »

Welcome back menn, enjoy your stay. :)

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