Hello guys :D

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Re: Hello guys :D

Post by Decency »

welcome bruh
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Re: Hello guys :D

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Welcome to the forums mate !
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Re: Hello guys :D

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Re: Hello guys :D

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Welcome to the forums!

Goodbye my lover

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Re: Hello guys :D

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Hellloo my friend and welcome. Remember if you need sawgame tell me :trollface:
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Re: Hello guys :D

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hla w mar7aba fek atmana enak t7ib el server awiiiiii :dance:

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Re: Hello guys :D

Post by gal »

g0mik wrote:hla w mar7aba fek atmana enak t7ib el server awiiiiii :dance:
wtf LOL-
Hello jokur
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Re: Hello guys :D

Post by cuddly teddy bear »

jokur. wrote:
cuddly teddy bear ツ wrote:hello
do you not already have another forum account
Cuddly, no I am not the same guy! Coincidentally I happen to have the same username, hence the dot at the end of my name because Jokur wasn't available.

I also would like to clear up the confusion : there was a guy here in the community playing with the same nickname (jokur) I am not the same guy.
I am from Morocco and used to play here back in 2012 with the nickname (Sablé) some may remember me.

Sorry for the confusion, I've never ment by saying that I am back that I am the same guy who used to play here.

Regards, jokur from Morocco!
oh xdddd ok welcome
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Re: Hello guys :D

Post by Shotex »

Welcome to the Forums, Enjoy your stay.
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Re: Hello guys :D

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hey there welcome to nD have fun
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Re: Hello guys :D

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Re: Hello guys :D

Post by smoothy »

hello there! Welcome to nD and hope you enjoy your stay with us! :D
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Re: Hello guys :D

Post by Ry4N »

Hiii welcome ^^
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Re: Hello guys :D

Post by Karn »

You forget to mention who introduced you to nD back in the days, im disapointed :( ahaha.
Very nice guy , went to highschool with him , a lot of good memories.

If you need anything you know you can ask me :)
Dee Dee

Re: Hello guys :D

Post by Dee Dee »

jokur. wrote:Sorry again for the confusion :(
Don't be sorry for me :/
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