Opinions ples

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Thierry Henry
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Opinions ples

Post by Thierry Henry »

Yo I'm saving up for a new PC and together with my brother I've build a pc and let it be build there with this inside of it:
https://azerty.nl/winkelmandje/winkelma ... 74614%5D=1

(srry if it's dutch at some parts but I guess u can google the specs)
So the question: is this good for it's price or is there much more to get for this price (no pc's I have to build myself!).
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Re: Opinions ples

Post by Xaturi »

If you're going all out, might aswell go with 5th generation i7
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Re: Opinions ples

Post by Kwaakt »

http://nl.hardware.info/pcadvies/1011/4 ... ember-2015

http://nl.hardware.info/pcadvies/1014/g ... ember-2015
I placed this in azerty aswell (removed external devices like mouses and stuff)
https://azerty.nl/winkelmandje/winkelma ... 88746%5D=2

http://nl.hardware.info/pcadvies/1008/a ... ember-2015

This gives you an idea. about what is possible.

Maybe it helps

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