[Finished] 3rd nD War Tournament (15-16-17 of November, 2016)

Finished nD War Tournaments.
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3rd nD War Tournament (15-16-17 of November, 2016)

Post by Voropoulo »

The 3rd nD War Tournament was devided in 3 days and the players weren't devided in groups. The first day, as well the second day, the teams played against each other and the third day the Finals took place.

Here is the list with the winners;
1st place: EnvyTD (TinkyWinky, Raw, Spe1k, SpN, Khaaaaaled)

2nd place: nip - ninjas in pantis (zapt0r, Sensei, Papa, Playboy, Apple)
The prize pot was 500.000 nD$ thanks to donations.
Here is the list with the donators;
BANK - 74.000 nD$
woOW - 16.851 nD$
L.A.P.D - 10.000 nD$
Legent - 70.000 nD$
Voropoulo - 169.149 nD$
Po!Nt - 20.000 nD$
Majin Vegeta#BB - 140.000 nD$
The first place team got 325.000 nD$, the second place team got 125.000 nD$ and each participant got 1.500 nD$.

Also, only for this tournament, players could bet! Our winner was Majin Vegeta #BB and the prize pot was 80.000 nD$.

Maps played; de_dust2

Special thanks to Kurochi, Waschera, Apekiller, zapt0r, spaxor and TinkyWinky for helping me with the 3rd nD War Tournament.

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