[Finished] 2nd nD War Tournament (9-15-16-22 of October, 2016)

Finished nD War Tournaments.
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2nd nD War Tournament (9-15-16-22 of October, 2016)

Post by Voropoulo »

The 2nd nD War Tournament was devided in 4 days and the players in 2 groups of 5. The first day, as well the second and the third day, were the Quarterfinals for Group A & Group B and the fourth day were the Semi Finals and Finals.

Here is the list with the winners;
1st place: Ghostbusters (Mario, Gabrielo, PoP^, Sensei, Thierry Henry, Ted, Numble)

2nd place: Headshoter (Schlumpf, Lo Tus, Huniepop, Decency, Donald Dump, zapt0r)

3rd place: Darwin & gRapefruits (Voropoulo, Po!Nt, SweedyGonzales, Rotciv, Weed, Leon Kennedy, Apples)

Best performance on groups: ZeRo SenSe (Voodoo, ZeRo#1, extreme, Legent, AngeluZ, Bhhhht, play_g, Larah, ray ray)
The prize pot was 650.000 nD$ thanks to donations.
Here is the list with the donators;
BANK - 220.000 nD$
Voodoo - 100.000 nD$
Larah - 2.000 nD$
infectedsushi - 2.000 nD$
Numble - 35.000 nD$
Gabrielo - 6.000 nD$
Mario - 13.600 nD$
--LeVaNoViC--(PaLo!) - 5.000 nD$
Legent - 200.000 nD$
Voropoulo - 16.400 nD$
Po!Nt - 50.000 nD$
The first place team got 335.000 nD$, the second place team got 160.000 nD$, the third place team got 55.000 nD$, the team with the best perfomance on groups got 50.000 nD$ and each participant got 1.500 nD$.

Maps played; de_dust2

Special thanks to Waschera, uhu and Konijn for helping me with the 2nd nD War Tournament.

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