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» Autor: Chaos -=> deathrun_skills
» Date: 13-03-2010
» Tip: deathrun_ / dr_
» Tip game : Counter Strike 1.6
» Description : final version to skills2, the project began long ago at the request of the players on royalrun [Cmdr old]!
-map has 2 finish first as a normal player , or special room staff just me and you know just who should say!
» Guns: all
» Slots: 32 CT Vs. 3 T
» Version: fin.
» Download : Link
» Images:

Sry for my bad english
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Re: deathrun_skills2

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Seems like you need some skillz for this map!

can't wait to play it
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Re: deathrun_skills2

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wow its so beautiful...

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Re: deathrun_skills2

Post by hazik666 »

Are thoose statues brush's or models?

But anyway map looks nice may be a bit hard tho but nice work

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