1 year in nD

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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by Lien~ »

Congratz Mister :)

You learn from ups and downs, the most important thing is that you have fun with all you do :)
Hope to see you around for a long long time to come :)

p.s. I dont want the cash either :) Give it to some1 else :)

With love...
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The Beard
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by The Beard »

congratz nase, with all responsibility there are the ups and the downs, its something to reflect on and learn from, i hope u have many more years with the community :)

im always broke but u can skip past me on the jb cash, it just encourages me to rebel even more :/
Big H
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by Big H »

Congratz nase :)
"A wise man speak because he has something to say, a fool speaks because he has to say something." - Aristotle
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by uhu »

I enjoy very much your presence at the server. Gratz.
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by xReii^ »

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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by Sexypanda »

Congratz nase!

(I'l skip on the jbcash, thx)
When the power of love overthrows the love of power men will know peace~
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by Xaturi »

Congrats Neus :lol:
Lets hope for 2 years now sha'll we?
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East Clubber
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by East Clubber »

Congratulations Nase. You've been doing a great job ever since you was accepted into the team and I'm sure you will continue doing a great job now as admin :)
As a matter of fact, I'm gonna make a 1 year anniversary thread as well soon :)
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by Mati »

Nice, good you're still here.

(No JB-cash needed)
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by Vlad »

Congratioulations nase! I hope we'll have you here for alot of time^^
(Keep the cash for you or give it to someone else, since i rarely play jail nowadays)
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The Dragon
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by The Dragon »

Congratulations nase i have to say its always nice to see you on the servers. :D and i don't need the jb$ you can keep it ;)
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by Blaze »

Congratulations nase
epic winning
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by epic winning »

O,o 1year grats nase :)
Couldn't care less..
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by Norrby »

Congratz of the 1 year in nD , nase :)
nD* Runner VIP | norrby on 23th January 2011 :)
You just wasted 5 secs of YOUR life to read this :) :twisted:
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Laprot the Freekiller
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Re: 1 year in nD

Post by Laprot the Freekiller »

Sup and Congratz Nase, Hopee you will stay as much as possible ;)
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