There are too many ct's!

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There are too many ct's!

Post by ChillerBiller »

Sometimes it happens, that you can't join ct in speedrunserver, there is more then 20 people in the server but only 10ct's and rest is spec and can't join :/ It says: There is too many ct's. How can there be too many cts on speedrun?? I dunno if you know about this probem, but it happens to me two times in a row so i wanted to post this.
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Re: There are too many ct's!

Post by Modz »

It happened to me too.
I don't remember that map but if this comes again
try /start when you in spec and can't join
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Re: There are too many ct's!

Post by Nick »

choose spec and type /ct or /respawn (i think) and you will be revived as ct
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Re: There are too many ct's!

Post by Maki »

It's a lack of spawnpoints, you need an admin to create more of them on the map in question. I believe it also happens on the first map after a server crash though.

So would be better if you gave the map's name :P.
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Re: There are too many ct's!

Post by regit »

I think it happens only on the first map after server crash (bhop_skill2). I dunno why it happens, after mapchange (to same map) or round restart it's fixed. If it happens on any other map it's a lack of spawn points.

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