Need help guys

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Need help guys

Post by smoothy »

Guys i neeed your help regit,pukata or koninjite
Today i play in Jailbreak
I was saving money/cash again to get katana, and i had 23,500
then on nextmap, i had 21k
i didnt even use it or buy
then nextmap i had 10k left
then nextmap i had 7k...
Can someone help me, If i got my katana, idc anymore about cash, just the katana :( i just want to get katana, please, bring back my cash. :(

regit, pukata or koninjite
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Re: Need help guys

Post by austria_wien »

you want some cheese with ur whine?

srsly your topics are just annoying and post into the small question topic or PN them.
you dont need to open a topic, when you want to speak to 3 ppl.
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Re: Need help guys

Post by Mr MicheL »

Oh Hhaha GooD Na!x :mrgreen: :D

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Re: Need help guys

Post by Konijn »

Post your STEAM ID and we'll look into it.
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Re: Need help guys

Post by ChillerBiller »

I had the same problem. I had like 240k, the next map only 200k, the next map only 12k and after that it was all gone. I didn't understand until someone told me to stop gambling

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