What's up with the member / admin assignments ?

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Re: What's up with the member / admin assignments ?

Post by farfar »

Shadi wrote:It's pretty much as Maki says, and if it was different in the past then it's not like that anymore. Declining competent help is not smart.

We are more lenient with recruitment when we are in strong need, but that strong need is measured by the amount of total activity and need for moderation on the team; not based on how many members we have in total but by performance.

I prolly shouldn't say we anymore, but that's how nD's recruitment works..

Still why have 10 members inactive and take in people to "replace" them, but still not a replacement....

Why not ? you are still a part of nD, as long as you feel as it ..
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Re: What's up with the member / admin assignments ?

Post by Shadi »

hence we don't really replace.
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