Advanced Rules and Common Practices

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Advanced Rules and Common Practices

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This will be the third time I've created a thread for this somewhere. This thread will endeavor to serve as a reference to hosts and veteran players regarding the finer points of the game of Werewolf. New players may be confused by some of the content here. If your host has not posted rules, you may assume the common rule is in place, but are highly encouraged to ask your host.

Werewolf Rules
The host is the main authority on any aspect of a game they create, except concerning the explicit restrictions placed on Mafia and Assassins rulesets and banned players. The host is free to modkill, reroll, change roles/rules, or remove a player from their game to protect it and the fun of the players in it.

Basic Rules
Commonly used in most games.
  • Quoting a PM from the host generally results in modkill. Players are, however, free to paraphrase what they have received. This prevents players from taking screencaps or fake screencaps to "prove" their role. It also makes it a little easier for the wolves in a complex game, since they don't have to be able to mirror the host's exact wording when they create a fake role for themselves.
  • Players are expected to be active and posting publicly throughout the game.
  • Players are usually allowed (and encouraged) to talk privately among themselves about the game, be it on IRC, in the chatbox, or via PM. Some games, however, will specify that players should not talk privately regarding the current game.

Game Type and Action Timestamp
The first thing to be done in any Werewolf or Mafia game is to decide the setup.
  • Common Game Type: Open - All rules and roles are posted in the thread and any player may expect answers to any setup questions they ask.
  • Alternate Game Type: Semi-Closed - Most Rules are posted in the thread. Any hidden parts will usually be labeled as such, and most questions will be answered.
  • Alternate Game Type: Closed - Very few rules/game mechanics are posted in the thread, and players will be PMed any information they need for their role and may usually only ask questions about their own role or the posted rules.
  • Common Round Type: Speedplay - Day and night phases are combined into one phase. Players may submit actions at any time.
  • Alternate Round Type: Dual Phase - Day and night are kept separate and (usually) equal in length. Players may usually submit actions at any time, but may only place votes during the day phase.
  • Alternate Round Type: Hybrid - Day and night are kept separate, but night lasts only a couple hours. Players are encouraged to submit actions during the day due to the brevity of the night phase.
  • Common Action Timestamp: No Surprises - Voting and actions are held in tight order. Any votes or actions after the deadline will not be counted, even if the Host hasn’t posted Dusk or Dawn yet. For example, if lynch time is 3PM, all votes and lists submitted before 3:00:00PM count and all votes or lists submitted on or after 3:00:00PM will not, even if the Host doesn’t post Dusk until 3:30.
  • Alternate Action Timestamp: Host Appearance - Late actions are allowed, so long as they are before the Host makes their post.
  • Alternate Action Timestamp: Action Input - Voting is held in order, any votes after the deadline will not be counted. Night will end when the Host hears from everyone who has a power that can be used every night. Rounds may have a minimum and/or maximum duration.
  • Alternate Action Timestamp: Evil Input - Voting is held in order, any votes after the deadline will not be counted. Night will be decided by the evil team and will end whenever the Host receives their kill for the night. Rounds may have a minimum and/or maximum time for the duration.

Voting Guidelines
The second thing a Host will need to make sure is absolutely clear: how voting works and who gets lynched if there's a tie.
  • Common Voting Type: Timed Lynch - At the end of a certain amount of time, the player with the most votes is lynched.
  • Alternate Voting Type: Single Vote - Players are not allowed to change or remove their vote. Once everyone has voted or after a certain amount of time, the player with the most votes is lynched.
  • Alternate Voting Type: Majority Lynch - Lynch voting continues until a player has a certain number of votes, at which point they are lynched. (No need for a Tie Breaker)
  • Alternate Voting Type: Decrement Lynch - Much like Majority Lynch, however the number of votes required to lynched is lowered by one at set intervals.
  • Common Tie Breaker: LHLV - In the event of a tie, the player with the Longest Held Last Vote, or LHLV, is lynched. Basically, the player with the most votes just before the tie is lynched. If a player is tied with No Lynch, no player will be lynched regardless of LHLV.
  • Alternate Tie Breaker: Time Extension - In the event of a tie, voting time is extended for one hour. If votes are still tied at the end of the hour, LHLV will decide the lynch.
  • Alternate Tie Breaker: Coin Flip - In the event of a tie, one of the tied players is lynched at random.
  • Alternate Tie Breaker: Incentive - In the event of a tie, the player who caused the tie is lynched.
  • Alternate Tie Breaker: No Second Guessing - In the event of a tie, time is extended until one player of the tied players has more votes than the other(s).

Ghost Etiquette
Next, you'll need to let the players know what they are allowed to do after they die.
  • Common Ghost Etiquette: RP Play Style - Once dead, players may post in the thread and join public IRC so long as they don't make game related posts or comments. They may not PM other players about the game or have private conversations on IRC. If you have data that you'd like to share, please, do so before your death. Dead Mafia/Wolf players are given a partial exception and are allowed to PM other Mafia/Wolves. All players are always free to talk with their Host in private IRC or PM.
  • Alternate Ghost Etiquette: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Once dead, players, including Mafia/Wolves, may not post in the thread, join the public IRC, or PM other players about the game, but are sometimes allowed one "Oh, snap" kind of post directly after death.
  • Alternate Ghost Etiquette: Whispers from the Grave - Players are still allowed to post and join IRC after death and may discuss any part of the game with any player in public. Dead players may not PM or have private IRC conversations.
  • Alternate Ghost Etiquette: Zombies! - Players are still allowed to post, join IRC, and PM after death. They have all the powers of communication that living players have.

Game Start and Round Zero
How will the game start? Will the village simply vote for a random player to be killed or will the Wolves/Mafia fire off a shot first?
  • Common Game Start: Hospitalization - Before the First Round starts, the Wolves/Mafia will choose one player to attack. That player will not be killed, but will be hospitalized and thus can’t vote in the first round.
  • Alternate Game Start: Host Save - Before the First Round starts, the Wolves/Mafia will choose one player to attack. That player will be saved and not killed, their name being posted in the thread at gamestart.
  • Alternate Game Start: First Death - Before the First Round, the Wolves/Mafia may choose one player to attack/shoot. That player is killed and removed from the game at gamestart. In this case, all roles are allowed to operate as if R0 was a normal night phase. (Overrides R0 Peeks below)
  • Alternate Game Start: Unknown Start - Before the First Round, the Wolves/Mafia may choose one player to attack/shoot. The Host will choose, randomly or by willing choice, one Game Start (Host Save, Hospitalization, or First Death) to be used that game. The players are not told what method will be used until they find the post at gamestart.
  • Alternate Game Start: Village Vote - The game skips Round Zero and starts without the Wolves/Mafia choosing a target. The Village goes straight to voting for a lynch.
  • Common R0 Peeks: Random Negative - Every player who can peek is given a random peek from all players who would return "No" or "Not X" other than the peeker.
  • Alternate R0 Peeks: Freewill - Every player who can peek may send in a name as usual and will receive their peek as normal.
  • Alternate R0 Peeks: No Peeps - All peeking roles will not be able to peek during Round Zero and will have to wait for Round One.
Role Reveals
Finally, what will happen when someone dies? Will the rest of the game get to know what they truly were?
  • Common Death Reveal: Full Reveal Upon Death- All players, when they die, will have their full role and alignment revealed immediately upon death, in additions to any items they had, locations they were in, when they died (in the case of temporal manipulation powers), and whether any loci were active.
  • Alternate Death Reveal: No Reveal Upon Death- When a player dies, it will be stated that that player died, nothing more. No information is given out about that player publicly.
  • Alternate Death Reveal: Alignment Reveal- All players, when they die, will have only their alignment revealed publicly. No other information on roles, powers or anything else is given.
  • Alternate Death Reveal: Role-Based- The reveal of roles upon death may depend on roles such as a priest, be revealed only to a patholgist, shaman wolf, monk, or cleric role, or may be hidden by a janitor-type role. (Specify in thread)
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