Monthly Map-approval

Section for organizing and scheduling map and mapcycle tests.
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Monthly Map-approval

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Original post (by Spato):

Recently this part of the forum has been quite inactive and hasn't really been used to its full potential. Making and choosing maps is a big part of the gameplay and has a great impact on how much fun a player will have on the server, the better the map is the better the gameplay will be. A lot of people are suggesting maps, and there are also a few people making their own maps, but so far they've been disregarded and wandered off to nowhere due to the lack of supervision here. But that is about to change now, we're going to make this part of the forum much more active.

We're going to enforce a monthly maptest for the suggested maps on each of our servers where an admin each will handle the responsibility for testing the maps on each server. The maptesting will take place at the end of each month. The server each admin will be responsible for the maptesting is as following:

Jail - Konijn
Zombie - uhu / i-am-evil-homer
Fun - Pukata
Runner - ?

How the maptesting will proceed is up to each individual admin. They might contact some members from each server to test in a private server, they might test with the regulars on the actual server etc. If you feel you want to help out testing maps, then contact the admin who handles the specific server you'd like to help out with.

Of course the suggestions you bring up will be rewarded, regardless of you making the map or not. Though the rewards will vary depending on the quality of the map, and if you've created it by yourself. The rewards will be as following (assuming the maps get added):

* 2-7 days of VIP for a suggested map
* 2 weeks - 2 months of VIP for a created map

The amount of VIP rewarded will be up to each admin to decide, but of course it increases the better the map is. It might also increase if we find a bigger need for new maps on some of the servers.

The criterias for your created map is that it does live up to a good standards (playable, looks nice, fits the server gameplay etc). You must also include the neonDragon logo visibly clear in your map. The nD logo can be found here. When/after you've created a map, just create a topic in the server you've suggested a map for here <--

You may only receive a reward for suggesting maps twice per each month. So if you've suggested 4 maps then you will be judged by your 2 best maps only and recieve a reward for them.

On the following servers we got a bigger demand for maps, described with the criterias we got:

Surf-Gungame - The map has to have some surfing areas and it is much prefered if you could make a sort of battle area for the gungame. Look surf_ag-final, surf_ski_2 & surf_twisted for inspiration which are great examples of a good surf-gungame map. Also include a jail, a teleport to top, ct and t-spawn. You mainly get judged by the gameplay in the map.

Zombie - Zombie server also needs a few good quality maps, so a nice balanced zombie map would be great (avoid remakes of zm_fun_world, we got too many of those). Your map will be judged on its gameplay, but if it looks pretty, that might get u some extra points aswell :)

Might be that JB, speedrun and deathrun aren't listed there, but thats mainly because the demand for new maps is lower for those servers. So we prefer you make them for the servers listed above. But of course, a great map for the other servers is always welcome, and you will get a reward for that also.
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