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nD* Zombie Rules

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 1:08 am
by uhu
- General nD rules, found in the spoiler below.
1. No harassing
- Flaming (Fuck you, asshole, retard(ed), fucktard Etc)
- Racism (Offending people by their looks, religion and origin)
- Offensive sprays (E.G Nazi sprays and other offensive sprays)

2. No spam.
- Spamming the chat whit nonsense is not allowed
- Micspamming intentional sounds that can irritate players including some songs(depending on several factors including quality of sound)
- Advertising for other servers

3. No camping on unreachable places.
- Aircamp: Remaining on a aerial spot where you can't be reached by boosting or any other means
- Groundcamp: Remaining on a ground spot where you can't be reached

3. No abuse of the VIP menu

Types of abuse : The first incident is a warning! Next time we will take higher measures!

- Kicking/Banning people for personal reasons is not allowed
- Using slap as a zombie to infect humans is not allowed
- Using no-clip to get to an unreachable place is not allowed
- Spamming votes (map/kick/ban) after the first one not being successful

4. No bugging. (players going through walls wich in some cases might crash the server)

Types of bugging :

- Boosting elements of the oposite team out of the map
- Boosting elements of the oposite team to a certain place sometimes causing them to air/groundcamp
- Retrying to prevent from getting infected
- Other small bugs

5. Constantly begging/irritating members with the purpose of annoying
- Begging for a mapchange. We have RTV for this.
- Asking to slay/kick/ban a certain player. Report the player at forums(post a screenshot and/or demo) and notify a member/admin of the player's recent actions(try to provide a screenshot/demo that prooves your word)

6. Pretending to be an Admin/Member and/or Regular
- Tag faking or/and acting as a member/admin is forbidden. E.G Putting |nD| or nD* in front nick and telling people you belong to the staff.
- Threatening players with slays/kicks/bans is forbidden
- Taking a well known players nickname and behaving bad with it is forbidden

7. No cheating
- Includes every kind of cheats. E.G Aimbot,Wallhack,No-spread
- Scripts are allowed to some extent as long as they aren't a huge advantage over other players.

8. Other
If you have the knowledge on how to report someone by making a ban request on this forum, by all means feel free to do so!

In most cases you will get a (few) warning(s) before an actual 'punishment' (slay/kick/ban), so please listen to the members/admin when they try to tell you something. Good on you for reading this thread and have a great time on our zombie server!

Re: nD* Zombie Rules

Posted: Sun May 20, 2012 8:21 pm
by uhu
  • The rules section concerning blocking was obsolete since the semiclip was implemented and therefore has been removed.
  • Updated the bugging section foreseeing the bug usage between teams.
  • Added rules section concerning the use of unreachable places.
  • Removed the M6 rule since this was disabled to players along with the recomendation of reporting blockers to moderators for reasons expressed earlier.
Will add/review necessary things on the near future.