Read before applying!

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Read before applying!

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Please read this before you make an application, thank you.
  1. - We don't recruit people that are in another clan/team or community.
  2. - We aren't looking for admins through applications. We only search members for our community.
  3. - You need to be familiar with our community and know the admins and members here.
  4. - You need to be trustable and be able to work in a team. We are not seeking people that take decisions on their own.
  5. - You need to follow the rules and make other players follow the rules aswell.
  6. - You need to have some common sense when it comes to giving punishments to players. That's why we only search for mature people.
  7. - You need to be able to record a demo for when you come across cheaters. Without knowing how to record a demo you will not be accepted. Try to find help on our forums!
  8. - You need to be able to make a screenshot in-game. Try to find help on our forums!
  9. - If you are a member and you are abusing the ndmenu, then you will get kicked from the team and you will be permanently banned from the neonDragon servers.
  10. - If you become a member and you have problems with some things, contact an admin or a member and he will try to help you with your problems.
  11. - If it occurs that a server (where you are member at) will be shut down, then you can transfer to any team of your choise.
  12. - You need to be patient until you get a yes or a no on your application, since we check applications carefully.
  13. - When you become a member you should play most of the time on the server you applied for, but of course you can play on other nD servers aswell.
  14. - We don't recruit people depending on their skill, we need people that are suitable to have some responsibility and be mature enough.
  15. - You can't wear the nD tag if you made an application. Only if you get accepted you can wear the nD tag.
  16. - You apply upon own responsibility and will most likely have to deal with /some/ negative feedback
  17. - You apply upon your own responsibility, if you have vacation and such you /could/ count as inactive
Thanks for reading and good luck with the possible application!

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