How to join nD* Zombie

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How to join nD* Zombie

Post by Ancient »


Begin your application with:

- Steam ID:
- NickName:
- Age:
- Gender:
- Experience Level (including any previous admin work):
- Average amount of time on our servers per day:
- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?
- After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.) as well as your motivation for helping to moderate our servers.
- Only serious applications will be considered

You may only respond to an application using the following ways:



Conclusion: yes/no because **insert reason*

Short message: **example: Good luck, I hope you get it**

So to put it in words, you have to list the pros and cons, sum up the conclusion and then you may write a short good luck wish. Any replies other than the above will be deleted.


By formatting a post containing reasons and that is constructive to the topic.

Good example:
I've known you for a while and I think you have a lot of excellent traits both in personality and understanding. You're smart for your age and see stuff ways no one else does. You care for the community and it seems like no matter what happens on it and what pisses you off you come back and I think you could do well as a member. Simply because you did so for long until one screw up happened (after the big warning you got). You got a mic, you seem to use it; you're somewhat active (but typically play more than you normally do in the application time). That shouldn't be taken into account as we saw how active you were back when you were on your report spree. You also act a little nicer in your application time and started posting more (you should post a little more than you currently do though) but I guess you just took a break from nD.

I'm also gonna be honest, you can get on people's nerves from time to time and whether you don't mean it in a serious way you do randomly do stuff you shouldn't (in addition to the apparent past slips and mistakes that are known to everyone). So basically, cut down on the drama-queening/overreacting/over-dramatising on some situations. However, you're loyal and I know you'd use the powers in the right mindset so I'd like to see you have another chance, yes. If you do not get accepted, there's obviously too much weight on your past and if that's all that's gonna be taken into account then it'd be a pretty silly reason to stop your application from getting accepted.

Bad example:

This guy is awesome, please accept him. You get my yes bro, I love you!!

- Applications for other nD teams will be trashed
- Current list of Zombie members: ... group&g=12
- Spamming a topic will result in a forum ban (This includes "Good luck" posts)
- Posts not following one of the two ways to post will be deleted and will result in warnings / bans.
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Re: How to join nD* Zombie

Post by Maki »


Read this before replying to an application.
Any replies on current applications contrary to the allowed replying formulas will be deleted!
If you continue to reply in a way contrary to the allowed, you will receive a warning or a ban.

This counts for all sections and is a reminder to a current weakly moderated rule, which will now be enforced more clearly.

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