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Spam Section Rules

Post by hazik666 »

Well after smith made rules for spam section people started talking and there is now a few rules here:
  • Do NOT post 1 Word Post Because they are very annoying and useless.
  • Do NOT Make Really Useless Topics just saying "Can I" "Kill You" only make stuff for humour or games etc.
  • Check carefully if what you say in a certain topic is useful/funny... don't say 'yes' or something in a topic which only wastes time for people.
  • No repeated spam of smilies, we had the loki bounce period which was the downtime of the neonDragon forums, it makes everyone lag. (if it are moving smiles)
  • Do NOT uselessly quote someone, if you quote someone, you should do it with a reason, like if someone has an argument, and you disagree with that argument... you use QUOTE.
  • SPAM has to be FUNNY, don't post something that isn't funny, and think of something before you post it, no brainfarts.
  • Don't post any BULLSHIT pictures which don't have ANYTHING to do with the topic.
  • Topics, create a topic with a reason... with a subject. Don't create some stupid topics which have no subject at all.
  • Do NOT make Topics about Funny/Foolish Photos. They belong to this topic -
  • Do NOT create useless Video Topics. They belong to this topic -

If these rules are not followed it will result in a Forum Warning and/or a Temp Ban from the forums.

Thanks Smith for writing the rules and also darkness for enforcing them.

Re: Spam Section Rules

Post by hazik666 »


Please stick to theese new rules.
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